‘Supernatural’ star ‘Genevieve Padalecki’, who also appears to be Jared’s wife, shared a very beautiful and proud message in her social media profiles to her husband.

Jared’s wife shares her emotion of how grateful she is to have him and to experience such a good time with him and the ‘Supernatural’ cast and crew.

The message – Thats a wrap SPN and Vancouver Canada. Jared what you have given to Sam Winchester, to the cast, the crew, the friends you’ve met the family you’ve grown is immeasurable. You walked in a young kid of 23 and walked away married to a demon and spawned 3 children. I am so proud of this adventure and everthing you gave to it. With insane luck and beautiful hard work Supernatural was born and will always be a part of your life and ours. So grateful for this journey. Thanks for letting me follow along on the ride. Thanks cast and crew and all the wonderful friends and memories along the way.

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