Jensen Ackles’ wife has shared a cute photo of thier kids for 4th July.

The photo was uploaded in her social media profiles with a description of – “Our country is in chaos. But it’s a great time to be an American” is the title of an article I read this morning by John Blake.

It is easy to let the chaos and fear of a global pandemic, the political divide on virtually everything in this country, and the uprising for social justice in the streets, make this 4th of July feel like one to pass on. But John Blake writes a compelling article on why now, America or more specifically Americans deserve to be celebrated. As I watch my children play in the yard with an American flag and I ponder his words, I know he is right. Blake sites historian Erika Doss who sees a parallel between the protestors of today and those of the 1776 Revolution who brought down symbols of the rule of Great Britain, because they didn’t stand for who they were at the time. They took them down and they reimagined themselves as a new nation. Blake also speaks to the new definition of what it means to be a patriot. He praises the American Hero of today, the front line healthcare workers, the essential works and those fighting for freedom in the streets.

Please take a moment to read this powerful article and realize what a great moment it is to be an American, in a “New America —- a land that never was, “and yet must be””

You can check the photo below: