Supernatural is one of those shows that has no shortage of heart-wrenching moments. The brilliant writing, acting, storylines, and fact that it stretches for 15 seasons all collide together into a perfect storm of scenes that will hit the audience hard in the feels.

Many of these are well ingrained into the memories of fans, but Reddit users have identified one in particular that it seems has been largely forgotten.

The scene, in particular, appears in season eight, episode 13, entitled “Everybody Hates Hitler.”

Fans will remember this being the episode where the Winchester boys find their very own “Batcave” in the form of the Men of Letters Bunker. The underground and secure site is safe and prompts some very strong and positive reactions from Sam and Dean.

Dean, in particular, is overjoyed to finally have something that most people would take for granted. His very own room.

Reddit users have pointed out that this was felt deeply by them, as it spoke to a much larger level of sadness for the Winchester boys.

The fact that they have never had a real home. That their lives have been spent living in hotel rooms and constantly being on the move. That they have never been able to put down roots and settle anywhere.

Finding the Men of Letters Bunker meant that they could finally plant their feet and have somewhere they felt safe and at home. It also meant that Dean could embrace the new hobby of cooking, discovering he loved it, something he could never have done without this stable accommodation.

It gave the boys a sense of normality that had been sorely lacking in their lives up to this point.

This scene is a perfect representation of the genius that is Supernatural writing and character development. It is so subtle, almost minor in a way, yet it conveys so much information to the audience and, by extension, intense emotion.

Of course, Supernatural has more than its fair share of huge scenes that had fans in tears or rage and despair, but it is not the kind of show that relies on these to initiate an emotive response.

Often, it is these smaller scenes that will remind viewers of just how difficult the Winchester boys’ lives have been. The things the average person considers normal are luxuries to them. It warms hearts and brings tears as these realities sink in for fans.

Reddit users have noted many other examples of similar, seemingly minor moments that produced strong emotional reactions. But finding the Bunker, and feeling that joy and excitement along with the brothers, stands apart.

The roller coaster of feelings it prompted was something else. Fans initially feeling pure happiness and then that crushing blow of agony when they realised precisely why that elation was so profound. The notion that such happiness cannot exist without preceding sadness is tough but accurate. And as Reddit users also pointed out, it came with the expectation that the Winchester’s joy would likely be short-lived, and that something was bound to destroy it.

Thus, through artful writing, this seemingly minor scene is able to almost effortlessly convey present happiness, along with the pain of the past and future, ensuring fans feel deeply every step of the way.


By Damyan Ivanov

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