Young Sheldon follows The Big Bang Theory’s lead character during his early days as an awkward, innocent and extraordinarily intelligent youth growing up in East Texas.

Fans have followed young Sheldon Cooper and everything and everyone that defined him on his journey towards the eccentric scientist everyone came to know and love on The Big Bang Theory.

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon occasionally references his youth giving fans a basic idea of childhood. Young Sheldon brings everything he mentions as an adult and so much more, to life in a comedic and genuine way, introducing fans to Sheldon’s unique and quirky family members including Meemaw, his uber-religious mother Mary and many more that viewers can’t help but love.

One character that fans were surprised by was Sheldon’s father George Sr. because his character was very different from the man Sheldon described in The Big Bang Theory as an alcoholic almost-redneck, and resented him for having an affair on his mother.

George Sr. on Young Sheldon is very different from what an adult Sheldon described him as. He is cheerful and kind, works as a football coach and makes an effort to understand Sheldon despite the pair being so different. Whilst George Sr. may be shown in very different lights on both shows, there is one thing on The Big Bang Theory that fans know Young Sheldon cannot change, and it’s going to be heartbreaking and alter the course of the show forever.

Fans are helplessly waiting for the inevitable, they know it is going to happen soon but not exactly when. The coming-of-age series, which has maintained a light-hearted, fun theme for 6 seasons is going to take a tragic turn when George Sr. passes away.

Details of his death were lightly mentioned on The Big Bang Theory.

Fans know that his death happened when Sheldon was 14 and things within the Cooper family were rocky following George Sr.’s affair with Brenda. There are other events that Sheldon made mention of on The Big Bang Theory involving his father that have not yet taken place on Young Sheldon, but the storyline is undeniably heading in the direction that no fans want it to go, and there seems to be nothing anyone can do to stop it.


By Damyan Ivanov

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