The sixth season of Lucifer is set to release on Netflix in either late 2021 or 2022 and there’s a bunch of information we know about the show’s sixth season already.

In case you haven’t already, check out our Lucifer season five preview which we think is the biggest and best on the internet with a full timeline of what happened in development for that show and all the new guests and storylines we can expect.

With season five part one added to Netflix in August 2020, most attentions turn to part two which has reportedly concluded filming and due out in early 2021 but we’ve got more on that in our separate preview.

Here’s the rundown of everything we know about season six of Lucifer so far:

Lucifer season six Netflix renewal status

Official renewal status: Renewed (Last updated: June 23rd, 2020)

Originally, of course, season six of Lucifer was never going to happen.

Netflix’s revival of the series from season four onwards was meant to end after season five. That’s partly why the show was split into two halves and given an extended season.

When Netflix gave season five the final season order, naturally fans weren’t happy that Netflix regave life to Lucifer but to only take it away two seasons later. It led to your usual campaigns such as petitions (with the best performing petition securing over 100K signatures).

With the numerous high profile campaigns and the fact Lucifer continues to blow records out of the water, fans prevailed and once again got the show renewed.

Rumors for a sixth season began in early 2020 that Netflix had reversed its decision and began seeking to renew season 6 but only once it had got everyone signed on.

It was late February 2020 when Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson had signed on for a further sixth season.

In April 2020, after more talks, the second revival looked less likely as Tom Ellis’s contract negotiations fell through however they were fixed and Tom Ellis was signed back on in May 2020.

The first we heard of Netflix reversing course was back in February 2020 when TVLine had learned that Netflix was back in talks with Warner Brothers Television to extend the show.

On June 23rd, 2020 – we officially got word that season six was set to happen but that it would be the “final FINAL” season.

Has the story to season five changed now Lucifer has been renewed?

Joe Henderson addressed whether the ending to season 5b will change now that Netflix has given a sixth season. Speaking in an interview he said:

“It will remain exactly the same as we had planned and it was really very, very important to us. When the idea for season 6 came up, Ildy (Modrovich, the co-showrunner) and I said to Netflix, ‘if we do this and we find the right story, the thing we don’t want to do is to undo everything we have done ‘. Once you see Season 5B you will understand how A and B are actually one big season. How it all relates … The things that happen in the Season 5 premiere fit in completely with the ending.”

Who’s involved with Lucifer season six?

As we mentioned above, Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson who serve as the co-showrunners are both onboard to see Lucifer season six through.

It wasn’t until early July until DB Woodside confirmed he’d be returning a Tweet saying:

Tom Ellis was ecstatic about his returning replying: “Utterly delighted and excited to get back alongside you both in front of and behind the camera.”

Also attached for season 6 so far are:

  • Lauren German as Chloe
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt as Maze
  • Rachael Harris as Linda Martin
  • Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez
  • Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza
  • Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza
  • D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel

In late September 2020, Scott Porter confirmed he’d be appearing in both season 5b and season six. Scott is mainly known for his role in Friday Night Lights but has also featured in Speed Racer and will have a role in Netflix’s upcoming drama Ginny & Georgia.

In October 2020, we got word of two new guest stars that will feature in season six. Those are Chris Coy and Rob Zabrecky.

Chris Coy is known for his appearances on The Duece, The Front Runner, and Detroit. He’s set to play the role of Alan.

Rob Zabrecky is known for his appearance in A Ghost Story, Lost River, and Criminal Minds. He’s set to play the role of Horace Goldfinger.

In December 2020 we learned of several new castings.

EW revealed that Merrin Dungey and Brianna Hildebrand will be starring in season six. They notably “will have ties to the show’s angelic family.” Dungey who is known for Alias will play Sonya. Hildebrand who is known for Deadpool will play Rory.

On December 10th we exclusively revealed that Mandy June Turpin would be guest-starring in season six in the role of Dr. Jessica LaMotte.

Lucifer season six episode count & episode titles

After an article from TVLine reported that Lucifer season six would consist of just eight episodes, it was later debunked by DB Woodside who confirmed that season six would consist of 10 episodes in total.

In a Tweet, DB Woodside confirmed the 10 episodes by saying:

“10! It will be 10 amazing episodes!”

Lucifer Writers account has been slowly teasing the names of the new episodes. Here are the announced ones so far:

  • Episode 601: Nothing Ever Changes Around Here – Written by Mike Costa – Directed by Kevin Alejandro
  • Episode 602: Buckets of Baggage – Written by Jen Graham Imada – Directed by Richard Speight, Jr.
  • Episode 603: Yabba Dabba Do Me – Written by Joe Henderson – Directed by Nathan Hope
  • Episode 604: Pin the Tail on the Baddie – Written by Carly Woodworth – Directed by Viet Nguyen
  • Episode 605: The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar – Written by Lloyd Gilyard Jr. – Directed by Lisa Demaine
  • Episode 606: A Lot Dirtier Than That – Written by Ildy Modrovich – Directed by Claudia Yarmy
  • Episode 607 – My Best Fiend – Written by Julia Fontana – Directed by Nathan Hope
  • Episode 608 – Save the Devil, Save the World – Written by Aiyana White – Directed by DB Woodside
  • Episode 609 – Goodbye, Lucifer – Written by Chris Rafferty – Directed by Karen Gaviola
  • Episode 610 (Season finale) – ????

Another musical episode has been teased for season six but it’s not yet known which episode that will be.

Where is season six of Lucifer in production?

Official production status: Filming (Last updated: 02/02/2021)

Throughout summer 2020, Lucifer season 5b was put on hold due to the pandemic. We know the majority of episodes had been filmed but a few more had to be completed.

In August 2020, we learned that filming for season 5b was due to restart in October 2020 although it actually kickstarted on September 24th, 2020.

Tom Ellis stated in numerous interviews that production would simultaneously move from season five to six.

In late September 2020, several cast and crew members posted to confirm that season six had officially started production.

Filming, however, began on October 6th, 2020 as confirmed by the co-showrunner Joe Henderson.

In late October 2020, we got confirmation that the writers had concluded their work on the sixth and final season with Ildy Modrovich taking to Twitter to confirm that it was the “last day in the Lucifer Writer’s Room”.

Filming was still ongoing as of December and January 2021 although Variety had revealed that Lucifer was among the many productions that had faced an extension from coming back from the holidays due to exploding COVID-19 rates in Los Angeles. It’s unclear whether the series has restarted filming in 2021.

In February 2021 the series continues to be in production with numerous cast members continuing to post from what Warner Brothers lot.

As for when we can expect season six of Lucifer streaming on Netflix? Our guess is as good as yours. With part 2 airing in early 2021, it’s not inconceivable that the series could return on Netflix for season six by the end of 2021. However, our safe bet right now is in early 2022.

Will Lucifer feature in Netflix’s The Sandman?

As you may have seen, Netflix is working on The Sandman which will feature Lucifer and many speculated that Tom Ellis will be reprising his role. In January 2021, however, it was confirmed that they would be going in a different direction and instead cast Gwendoline Christie in the role.

There you have it, everything we know so far about Lucifer season six coming to Netflix over the next few years. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited.