Tom Ellis is well known as Lucifer Morningstar in the devilish drama. But what is his income for the role?

Lucifer season 5B will soon be airing on Netflix as Tom Ellis returns in the leading role of Lucifer Morningstar. However, some fans will be curious to know how much the star is paid for the role in the show. Here is everything which has been revealed about this.

How much is Tom Ellis paid for Lucifer?
Fans might know Tom Ellis from a number of roles since he began acting back in 2000.

Over the years he has starred in Miranda, Sugartown, The Fades, Rush and Merlin.

However, for the past four years, Ellis has become best known as the devil-turned-detective Lucifer Morningstar.

Viewers have loved him in the role and are excited to see him return once again in the upcoming second half of season five.

As the lead star of the long-running series, some viewers might be curious to know how much he earns for the role.

While the real figure is not widely available, there are some estimates about how much this could be.

According to The Richest, Ellis is thought to make as much as $50,000 (£37,700) per episode of the show.

This is based on the show’s move to Netflix, which has fewer episodes than it used to when it was airing on FOX.

Ellis’ salary is not known from his time when the series was airing on FOX.

The publication also suggests Ellis has a cumulative net worth of $6 million (£4.5 million), which is mostly from his work on television.

His salary also could be about to go up again as Netflix has commissioned a sixth and final season.

Ahead of its announcement, there were some rumours Ellis was renegotiating his contract for his return.

According to TV Line, this went through several revisions but it was finally confirmed at the end of May.

However, the fee which was reached was not disclosed at this time.

In comparison to his fellow castmates, it has not been confirmed whether Ellis makes more or less than them.

Ellis will soon be returning to screens in the role as eight new episodes are released.

The second half of season five will be airing on the streaming platform in 2021.

An exact release date has not yet been announced but filming has finished on the episodes.

The series is expected to pick up straight after the cliffhanger of episode eight.

Viewers will remember how this saw Lucifer, Michael (Ellis), Amenidiel (DB Woodside) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) fighting.

Then time froze in the show and God (Dennis Haysbert) finally made his first appearance.