Six seasons in, Young Sheldon had been fun showcasing Sheldon’s growth in late 1900s Texas.

Most of that time passed without our knowledge, thanks to the great characters that make up the show.

During this time, everything that happened felt like it had been building up to Young Sheldon Season 6.

By looking at some of the main things that happened during Season 6, we see how these events molded Sheldon, the kid, to Sheldon, the adult.

There also might be some clues as to when the show will be coming to an end.

George and Mary’s marriage reached a critical point.
Despite their best efforts to keep the marriage afloat, Mary and George struggled, failing many times.

They tried to shield the children from it, but it was noticeable with the constant fights and the cold treatment they gave each other.

Both parties had some part to play in the marriage’s collapse, but most could be attributed to the natural progression of relationships where the original magic is inexistent.

The strained marriage was a defining moment in Sheldon’s childhood, which he remembers as an adult.

The end of the marriage was punctuated by George’s death from a heart attack, an event that seemed to close in with every passing episode.

On Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 16, the show subtly foreshadowed George’s death by acknowledging that death was the only thing that would end the marriage, and as it had been evident, they couldn’t wait to get out of it but don’t know how.

Missy’s rebelliousness began.
Missy might have been Sheldon’s closest friend because of their bond as twins.

However, they couldn’t be more different, with Missy being interested in pop culture, while Sheldon is more interested in science and academics.

In past seasons, Missy was portrayed as a typical preteen girl obsessed with everything someone her age should be. There wasn’t much conflict in their lives; everyone was doing their own thing, but it all changed in Season 6.

Sheldon was always a demanding child, and as a result, Missy felt ignored. It led to her getting in touch with her rebellious side as she entered teenhood.

This shift was quite significant because it changed their dynamic as twins. Missy began to crave more independence and agency, which she felt she was being denied because of Sheldon.

Missy also got her own bedroom, further widening the gap in their bond.

They had a great relationship early on, but it slowly waned as each got more involved in their own life. The late-night talks, or radio calls, as they confided their fears into each other, have been reducing.

Missy coming into herself was a huge change for Sheldon.

Adult Sheldon remembers their childhood fondly, but this is about to end.

It was why he hit it off with Penny, and they became good friends. He found the sister connection that he lost with Missy.

Georgie grew up
Georgie had never taken anything seriously for the majority of his life. He had a laissez-faire attitude toward most things.

The birth of his daughter forced him to grow up and face his responsibilities head-on. He had been doing a stellar job — at least as much as he could.

These new responsibilities forced him to grow up faster than Sheldon could keep up. It was too much change.

For the rest of Sheldon’s childhood, he saw Georgie’s struggle to fend for his family and the workaholic born as a result.

In his adult life, Sheldon remembers Georgie as an entrepreneur.

Sheldon experienced failure for the first time
It does something to your head to be considered the best and the smartest.

Going to college was a game-changer for Sheldon. Not only did he get to bother important, learned people without a care, but he also got to experience real-life properly.

When he realized he could make money off the grant database, he set his sights on it, but a rude shock awaited him.

For someone who had never failed before, its failure rocked his world.

It showed him that contrary to his resting belief, nothing was owed to him, and he would have to work for things while watching for people who sought to harvest where they did not sow.

This event might be what drove him to remain focused on winning a Nobel prize.

Death changes everything.
With age, George’s physical health position worsened. That, coupled with the constant stress of being trapped in a marriage while his heart desires something else, was not doing the situation any favors.

His death is the defining moment for not only Sheldon but Mary too.

Everything will be different for Sheldon in the future as his life is about to become extremely different. The only thing that will save him is college and moving to California.

Keeping the same trajectory, Young Sheldon should last for, at most, two more seasons before it becomes a remake of The Big Bang Theory.


By Damyan Ivanov

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