The Flash season six raced onto our screens this week with a premiere aptly titled ‘Into The Void’.

Aside from the literal black hole that threatened to destroy Central City, this void also refers of course to the hole left behind by Nora’s death. Unfortunately, it looks like this isn’t the only tragedy looming if the premiere’s final scene was anything to go by.

But is everything really what it seems?

Just as Barry and Iris finally found time to honour Nora, The Monitor casually dropped by at the end of the episode with a bombshell that will change everything for the show moving forward.

We’ve known since day one that The Flash will mysteriously vanish in a future “Crisis”, but now that the Arrowverse crossover is just weeks away, the circumstances surrounding his disappearance have been revealed, and they’re… Well, they’re not great.

According to The Monitor, Crisis On Infinite Earths will now take place five years earlier on December 10, 2019, and this is when Barry will save the lives of billions by making “the ultimate sacrifice”.

The Monitor

Anyone who’s read the original Crisis comics might have suspected this would happen because Barry Allen died in those too. Still, this news probably came as a shock for TV fans who presumed Oliver prevented Barry’s death when he made a deal with The Monitor last year during Elseworlds.

The Flash is pretty surprised by this development too, so he tries to argue with the prophecy, and this in turn prompts The Monitor to drop a rather ominous message:

“In order for billions to survive this coming Crisis, The Flash must die.”

So does that mean The Flash is really dying in the upcoming crossover? And if so, how will the show carry on without him?

While it’s possible that The Monitor might just be bluffing as part of a larger plan, a closer look at what he says hints that something else might be going on instead.

Notice how The Monitor never actually says Barry Allen will perish. It’s The Flash who must die, and while yes, Barry is The Flash, he’s also not the only Flash.

As the crossover’s name suggests, ‘Crisis’ will involve an infinite number of Earths, and so there’s potentially an infinite number of Flashes too.

The Flash (1990)
We already know that John Wesley Shipp’s version of The Flash will show up at some point during the coming Crisis, and showrunner Eric Wallace has also hinted (via EW) that Kid Flash could return soon as well.

On top of that, there are also countless other versions of The Flash who viewers haven’t even met yet. In theory, any one of these could end up taking Barry’s place when it’s time for someone to sacrifice themselves and save the multiverse.

Whether The Monitor is deliberately manipulating The Flash or whether he genuinely believes Barry will die is unclear so far, but either way, it’s hard to imagine the show continuing without Grant Gustin in the lead.

n the wake of Arrow’s cancellation, The Flash has now become the signature Arrowverse show, and it’s impossible to imagine things moving forward without him.

While it’s true that The Flash can’t keep running forever, and yes, the end is vaguely in sight, ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ won’t even mark the end of Flash’s current season and it wouldn’t make sense for Barry to leave the Arrowverse at the same time as Oliver Queen.

Sure, death is rarely permanent on these shows and new heroes like Batwoman are stepping up, but Barry’s demise would still leave an emotional void too big for the Arrowverse to handle.


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