MONEY HEIST season three was free on Netflix last month because the gang is left reeling within the aftermath of their theft. several fans of the Spanish-language drama series need to grasp whether or not La Casa Delaware Papel may be a real story. Money Heist Season 3 was recently streamed on Netflix with eight new episodes.

The series, that is additionally referred to as La Casa Delaware Papel, had fans gripped from the beginning. Season 3 sees the gang within the aftermath of their heist and therefore the consequences of their actions. however what quantity of the story is stock-still actually and what isn’t?

Is Money Heist A Real Story?

Money Heist is a fictional story created by Álex Pina, however, there are legion components among the drama that take their cue from real-life.

Seasons one associate degreed 2 followed the gang and their exploits as they planned and robbed the Royal Mint of the European nation in an 11-day heist.

The heist was a musical group by the academic (played by Álvaro Morte), UN agency enlists a bunch of questionable figures with specialist skills to hold out the heist.

They robbed the mint while not stealing from anyone because the cash was freshly written. The new series can see them making an attempt to set up another heist to avoid wasting one in all the gang metropolis (Miguel Herrán), UN agency has been captured in Panama.

Perhaps the foremost obvious parallels to the important world ar the costumes the gang wear throughout their heist.


The masks are an immediate relevancy Spanish creative person Republic of El Salvador Dali and his picture mustache.

Dalí might are chosen thanks to his rejection of social group norms in his add the first twentieth century.

The creative person might have had anti-capitalist leanings provided that abundant of his work throughout the Dada Movement that wanted to question all aspects of society, per The Tate.



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