The show so far has been a blockbuster, and it’s quite evident from the fact that the season was aired for the seventh time. No doubt, the show has done well, and fans have loved the characterization of prison inmates. The show has been running successfully till now but now is the time to bring some change to it and the change is going to be sooner than expected.

This piece of information hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but some reports in media do point at certain things. The changes are very much related to a possible spinoff in the series. The show has been successful so far, but there is a point at storytelling where even the best of stories get monotonous. So the producers are working hard to let go of the moment of monotonicity and bring in some interesting stuff.

What are the odds of seeing a possible spinoff?
The chances are good. There is ample ground for the creators to infuse a spinoff. The show’s producers have confirmed this. They believe that the show always performed on expected lines, and they want the show to end on a high note. The best time to quit is at the top of your career as the graph is poised to see a downfall.

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The producers of Orange Is The New Black has kept this very fact in mind, and they want to end the show with the seventh season. But the disappointment was expected from the fans. So the producers have to come up with something which is not only trustworthy but also realistic, and here comes the possibility of a spinoff in the series.

Do we have dates for the spinoff?
As of now, we don’t have any dates, but the executive producer of the show did confirm that a possible spinoff is in the minds of the Orange Is The New Black team. But there are contentions too, and the most significant claim is the availability of time slots of actors. Another hurdle is the fact that the show has been running for quite a while, and the production team also needs a break and explore the best options regarding a possible spinoff. So there are chances that the show will get a possible spinoff, but if we are expecting a date for it, its too soon to even predict a possible date.

The show has been the most-watched one on Netflix, and the show has all the potential to get a turnaround, but the facts mentioned above are the ones that are going to shape the future of the show. So now is the time to wait and let things unfold. Fans are excited to get the whereabouts of the future of the show, and we will update you with all the credible information we will have at our disposal. So hold your horses and wait for a spinoff.



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