‘Stranger Things’ star Millie Bobby Brown is eyed for a role in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot

Millie Bobby Brown and Saoirse Ronan are reportedly being eyed for roles in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot. Kevin Feige and company will be hoping that the third time’s the charm when it comes to the House of Ideas’ First Family, as the MCU version of the team really needs to make a bigger impression on … Read more

‘Stranger Things’ star Dacre Montgomery will play Human Torch in the Reboot of Fantastic Four

Marvel Studios has finally officially announced that a new Fantastic Four movie is on its way. Kevin Feige confirmed way back in summer 2019 that he would be spearheading a reboot of the First Family eventually, following Marvel getting the rights from Fox, but it took until December 2020 for the project to be publicly … Read more

CW’s Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot starring Jared Padalecki: What we know so far

The Reboot of the CW’s old series starring Jared Padalecki in Walker, Texas Ranger begins today, so we’ve compiled all the information we know so far about what season one will entail at the network. Walker is a reboot of the famed Walker, Texas Ranger which starred Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker, a veteran Texas … Read more

Will Jared Padalecki Still be Showing up in His New Series ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’

If you’re bummed about Supernatural coming to an end this year, never fear! Jared Padalecki will still be showing up on The CW every week in his new series. The Walker, Texas Ranger reboot was recently picked up straight to series by The CW, ensuring we won’t really have to say goodbye to Padalecki at … Read more

HBO Max has officially announced the first new member of the Gossip Girl reboot cast.

HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” Reboot Will Star Emily Alyn Lind In Lead Role Emily Alyn Lind will star in the forthcoming series, portraying a lead character in the series named Audrey, who “has been in a long term relationship and is beginning to wonder what more could be out there.” Lind has appeared in a … Read more

Is ‘Orange Is The New Black’ going to have a Renew or a Spin-off ?

The show so far has been a blockbuster, and it’s quite evident from the fact that the season was aired for the seventh time. No doubt, the show has done well, and fans have loved the characterization of prison inmates. The show has been running successfully till now but now is the time to bring … Read more