The last season of ‘Supernatural’ has found the two brothers, Sam and Dean working to defeat God, as the show revealed a secret weapon in Jack earlier in the season. When the show left off, Jack had his soul restored in the Garden of Eden. Could more good things be coming the Winchesters’ way in the form of an earlier than expected triumph over God? Well, we now have a new clue that seems to indicate how things will play out.

As fans emotionally anticipate Supernatural’s final episodes following the coronavirus-induced delay, questions are stirring around the finale. Will there be time for the Winchester brothers to take a breather from resolving its big bad situation? Supernatural’s co-showrunner Andrew Dabb explained the surprising scenario they will find themselves in when the series finale rolls around. On how things will take shape on the mythos’ side of things, Dabb told TVLine:

“For the most part, we wrap up a big chunk of our mythology in Episode 19. Episode 20 is more character-based and is more concerned with Sam, Dean and this family they’ve built around them than it is with figuring out the Case of the Week.”

There you have it! It sounds as though Supernatural will resolve the God conflict in the penultimate episode, creating room for a more reflective series finale. Personally, I think this move seems reminiscent of Supernatural’s method of handling its 300th episode, which saw Sam and Dean reunite with their dearly departed father, John. Though whether this was the plan all along is anyone’s guess.

Earlier this year, Supernatural’s co-creator revealed that the path to the show’s series finale had been altered. The final moments, on the other hand, have remained the same. So could that mean God’s defeat was supposed to come later than it is now? Maybe. In related news, the ending has gotten positive marks from Jared Padalecki, who acknowledged that, while it can’t please everyone, he was satisfied with it.

Overall, the highlight for fans is that Supernatural will have a resolution to how God is defeated ahead of the series finale. I can see how it would be disappointing if fans had to wait for the last fifteen minutes of the series to see that battle resolved. In that scenario, viewers wouldn’t have enough time to enjoy the aftermath of Sam and Dean’s lives post-triumph, so it’s nice to see that Supernatural is going to give them an early reprieve.

Supernatural’s co-showrunner indicated that there would be a focus on the Winchesters and their extended family. Hopefully, that will still include Castiel when the series finale beckons. The trailer for the final season’s remaining episodes also hinted that Sam could want to make some sort of sacrifice for Dean but, hopefully, both of them survive the finale. It would be a downer if the finale turned into a Vampire Diaries kind of ending for the brothers.