Lucifer producer reveals a hint about collaboration between Lucifer Morningstar and God

Lucifer Morningstar and God have had their differences within the past, but a revealing hint from the series’ showrunner suggests they’ll be putting their baggage aside for the commonweal once they finally reconcile in season five, part two. Netflix subscribers are still waiting on the second half of Lucifer’s fifth season to emerge after God … Read more

Supernatural star Emily Swallow Teases About The Fight Against God

Emily Swallow or more known as The Darkness in Supernatura has a role to play in Sam and Dean Winchester’s desperate bid to stop God from destroying all of creation. Last week on Supernatural, Team Free Will realized they needed to destroy Amara as well as her brother Chuck in order to maintain universal balance. … Read more

Possibility of Supernatural killing a major character before the big showdown with god [SPOILERS]

Only a few episodes  are left in Supernatural before the big end credits roll, and “Drag Me Away (From You)” delivered some twists that could point toward a major character dying not in the fight against God, but before the showdown even begins. Billie dropped by the middle of a case that took the Winchesters … Read more

Supernatural star is happy that Dean and Amara are not with a romantic flow in the last season

The end of Supernatural is near and the final episodes will have to wrap up the Winchester saga. Emily Swallow came back to reprise her role as Amara in the last Season for the first time since the end of Season 11, and Amara’s reunion with Dean and Sam in the latest episode might give … Read more

It looks like Supernatural co-stars Rob Benedict and Ruth Connell are dating

Stars Rob Benedict and Ruth Connell have been long-time colleagues on the CW’s Supernatural. With the show’s 15 seasons coming to a close this November, it’s no wonder that lasting friendships and relationships have been established. It wouldn’t be the first time co-workers have dated on a CW show (just ask the casts of The … Read more

Is Supernatural’s Sam And Dean Gonna Face God Sooner Than Expected In The Last Season?

The last season of ‘Supernatural’ has found the two brothers, Sam and Dean working to defeat God, as the show revealed a secret weapon in Jack earlier in the season. When the show left off, Jack had his soul restored in the Garden of Eden. Could more good things be coming the Winchesters’ way in … Read more

‘Lucifer’ – Maze Hinted About God Visiting Earth in The Final Series

LUCIFER season 5 is coming to Netflix this spring and there are some new faces in the cast. Dennis Haysbert stars as the Devil’s father – God – in the series but does this mean he will visit Earth? For the past four seasons, the identity of God has remained a mystery. However, that all … Read more

SPOILER ALERT! God is actually coming in season 5 of Lucifer

To make the upcoming final season of the show epic in every way, Dennis Haysbert is joining Lucifer as God. We’ve heard him speak before (all thanks to Neil Gaiman), but this time around, God is ready to make a season-long appearance in Lucifer like a boss. According to Entertainment Weekly, the Devil is going … Read more

Rowena is rocking the dancing floor with God in New Year’s Eve [Video]

Rowena – (Ruth Connell) just uploaded on her Instagram profile her dancing skills with Chuck a.k.a. God – (Rob Benedict). The Description of the Video is – ” Rowena and God NYE dance off. #spn #nye #2020 @ruthie_connell @3theatre @edinburghdanceschool 📸 @aviator158 🖤 ” The Video is Bellow:   Вижте тази публикация в Instagram.   Rowena and God NYE dance off. #spn #nye … Read more

Are the Winchesters going to kill God ? [Spoiler]

The beef between the Winchesters and Chuck/God beef has been on the backburner since Supernatural‘s Season 15 premiere, with both the brothers and the All-Mighty retreating to lick their wounds. In Sam and Chuck’s case, the injuries were literal, as they both suffered an incurable mark when Sam fired Chuck’s all-purpose Equalizer gun at the end … Read more