Jamie Fraser and Lord John William Grey have had their ups and downs over the years. The two fought on opposite sides of the Jacobite rebellion in Scotland, but an unlikely friendship bloomed, to the point where Lord John is raising Jamie’s illegitimate son William.

Now they find themselves on opposite sides of another conflict: the American Revolutionary War. And according to actor David Berry, who plays Lord John, things could get ugly. “Lord John and Jamie find themselves on opposite sides of the war,” he told TV Insider. “Lord John’s a loyalist, and Jamie is a rebel. These two have come to a point in their relationship where it’s pretty much untenable.”

There’s gonna be a fracturing in their relationship to the point it’s really gonna test that love and that friendship, certainly for Lord John. And as things progress, [you’re] gonna see that relationship deteriorate even further to the point where maybe they become enemies, who knows? When they’re on different sides of the war we can only expect that they’re gonna come to heads at some point.

John Berry (Lord John Grey) thinks Jamie is “a dickhead” this season on Outlander

Lord John and Jamie had a conversation in the most recent episode. That one ended on a friendly note, but according to Berry, this “is just the beginning of what turns out to be a season full of a lot of acrimony between those two characters.”

Or, to put it more simply: “What a d–khead, honestly, Jamie is.”

“As the season progresses, that opinion of Jamie just goes into words we can’t even use,” Berry told TV Line. “I probably shouldn’t even have used that word to begin with, because their relationship just deteriorates and deteriorates.”

Jamie’s adult son William will be a point of contention between him and Lord John Grey

As you might expect, the topic of William is a hot button issue for the two men. Jamie is throwing his lot in with the American revolutionaries, but William — who is now an adult — is fighting for the British. That’s a dramatic conflict if there ever was one, particularly because Williams doesn’t know that Jamie is his biological father.

“Jamie and Lord John basically have this William character to contend with in every scene and his secret,” Berry said. “And anytime William comes to a scene, I say he’s a ticking time bomb.”

New episodes of Outlander air on Fridays on Starz.


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