After being together for a decade, actors Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan officially tied the knot in October of 2019. The duo wed in front of their two children and their good friends and former co-stars, Sophia Bush, Norman Reedus, and Jensen Ackles.

Still, Burton and Morgan’s romance has been anything but conventional. Though their relationship moved very fast, Burton was hesitant about actually having a wedding.

In fact, the pair was actually never supposed to meet. When Burton exited the long-running drama series, One Tree Hill in 2009, she had planned on running away to Paris and taking some time for herself. However, that never happened because she met Morgan, and it was all because of the show, Supernatural.

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s relationship moved fast

In her memoir, The Rural Dairies, Burton revealed that when she met Morgan they had moved in together and were pregnant with their son, Gus within just a few months. Though her family was a bit taken aback by the speed of their romance, the White Collar alum knew it was right. Burton told People,

When he came along, he was so sure of himself. I was not a girl anyone pursued. I’ve always been alpha. And Jeffrey was like, ‘You’re going to be my girlfriend, It was so nice to be pursued. He’s a cute dude! And I liked that he knew exactly who he was. His confidence was intoxicating. The ease in which Jeffrey and I were able to live together was a surprise. I think it was really shocking to my family members and friends, because I was always the girl who was very cautious. I’d thought my entire life out, and [moving] was crazy, like, ‘Let’s do it! Let’s run away!’ But it worked out!

Today the couple live on an 100-acre farm with their two children in upstate New York.

This is why Hilarie Burton was so hesitant to get married

Though the One Tree Hill alum was always sure about her connection with Morgan, she wasn’t so sure about weddings. She explained her hesitation to Entertainment Tonight,

I’ve always been very hesitant about the wedding. It felt like throwing your own personal prom and kind of icky, and ours was so intimate and small and it was us. I had to, like, google wedding ceremonies and, like, send a script to Jensen [Ackles] because he got ordained just for this.

Burton also changed her name to Hilarie Burton Morgan.

Hilarie Burton and Jeffrey Dean Morgan met because of ‘Supernatural’

Burton and Morgan’s whirlwind romance happened because of Supernatural. She was on her way to Paris after leaving OTH when she took a pitstop to LA to visit her friend Danneel Ackels and her husband, Jensen.

The Ackels were desperate for her to meet Morgan, who was starring on Supernatural with Jensen and who’d been getting rave reviews for his role on Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy. Two days later while packing her things for Paris she received a gift package which included, guidebooks on Paris, Raymond Carver anthologies, and a beautiful, red, leather-bound journal, which Morgan had inscribed, “Go nuts. Xoxo jdm, Miss your face.’” He also included a note that read, “For someone I just met, I can’t stop thinking about you.”

The rest is history.