The Walking Dead season three and four spoilers follow.

David Morrissey has exclusively spoken about his hopes for a return to The Walking Dead someday.

The Royal Television Society Award winner, who will next star in ITV’s The Singapore Grip, originally appeared in the third and fourth seasons of The Walking Dead as the sinister Governor of Woodbury.

Even though the Governor had a fairly definitive death (a gunshot in the head will do that!), Morrissey still thinks there is a way to explore more of the tortured character’s backstory.

“Obviously, The Walking Dead comes from a graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman,” he noted. “There’s three novels within that: The Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury and The Fall of the Governor. They are brilliant stories. If I returned, I’d love to return, in a filmic way, to tell those stories.

“One of the great things for me was in season four when I came back, I had four episodes, and they were all me. It was just my story. And I loved that. And I think there’s something to be told. There’s stories to be told in those novels that I think are really fascinating.”

Morrissey will next be on screens later in the year in an adaptation of JG Farrell’s Booker Prize-winning novel The Singapore Grip, a tale of love, loss and political intrigue set against Japan invading Singapore at the onset of World War II.

Also starring in the ITV series will be Absolutely Fabulous actress Jane Horrocks, Fortitude’s Luke Treadaway and Game of Thrones veteran Charles Dance