Supernatural stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jensen Ackles, who respectively played John and Dean Winchester, reunited to celebrate the debut of CW’s prequel series The Winchesters​​​​​​ with its leading man and lady, Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly.

Morgan posted a series of photos showing the two Supernatural alums sharing a meal with Rodger and Donnelly, with Morgan additionally conveying his appreciation to The Winchesters’ main duo. “So, I was lucky enough to have dinner with the younger, cooler and more handsome John Winchester,” Morgan wrote. “Gotta say, I loved both [Rodger and Donnelly]. Talented, humble, funny, smart, very damn attractive.” He went on to express his confidence in the future of the series. The actor further claimed Rodger and Donnelly were intimately familiar with Supernatural, and that he was confident the pair would treat the franchise with the respect it deserved.


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Morgan additionally revealed he was eagerly anticipating whatever Jensen and his co-executive producer Danneel Ackles had in store for The Winchesters’ premiere. The actor noted how few franchises were popular enough to earn a series spinoff and credited Supernatural’s lasting success to the performance of its leads, Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Morgan continued, “Thanks to Jensen and [Padalecki], the Winchester story is just starting…and I can’t wait.” Jensen, Rodger and Donnelly also left comments expressing their appreciation of Morgan’s praise, with Jensen calling his co-star a legend of the franchise.

Fans of Supernatural seemed to share Morgan’s excitement for its spinoff series, considering The Winchesters’ debut garnered the biggest audience among The CW shows of the season. The Winchesters reportedly accumulated an average of 757,000 viewers during its opening night, which earned it a spot just below the premiere of Ava DuVernay’s Naomi and 2021’s Padalecki-led reboot of Walker, Texas Ranger.

The Winchesters showrunner Robbie Thompson previously claimed the series will expand upon the lore of Supernatural, with Thompson revealing the spinoff will have a greater focus on never-before-seen monsters. He revealed the show’s creators were looking for something to differentiate The Winchesters from its “mothership,” and wanted something that appeared foreign to longtime fans of the franchise. Thompson explained introducing a unique enemy was important to The Winchesters, as he believed it would add a more personal touch to John Winchester and Mary Campbell’s struggles.

New episodes of The Winchesters premiere every Tuesday on The CW.


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