Jensen Ackles has just shared a photo of 2 of his children – Arrow Rhodes and Zeppelin Bram, that are actually twins. 

The picture was uploaded duo to their birthday.

Jensen has also shared a description – “Happy Birthday to my little animals. 3 years of laughter, tears and loads of diapers (of which I only changed some TBH). Wouldn’t trade it for all the worlds. *And a special note to my amazing wife who has had to do most of this on her own yet continues to anchor this family with love and laughter. Coming home to you and our babies is the greatest! 🥳 (📷 @danneelackles512 ) #twinning”

And his wife also left a comment – “Love you and our babies so much!!!!! I can’t believe they are 3! I wish they could stay babies forever, ..but I also wish they were potty trained😂”

You can check the picture bellow:

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