The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco has revealed that she wasn’t cast in the sitcom’s original pilot after auditioning for a very different role compared to the lovable Penny we all know her as.

As executive producers reflected on how Jim Parsons was perfect for the part of Sheldon Cooper, the 33-year-old actress also looked back on how she came to star in the hit comedy.

‘I had actually auditioned for the original pilot, and I did not get cast,’ Kaley confessed in a special featurette, before going on to explain that the character she tried out for was ‘Katie’, who was ‘a dark, brooking unhappy woman’ – aka worlds away from Penny.

‘Chuck [Lorre] called a year later and said, “It’s a new character, we want you to come in,” Kaley continued. ‘I read for it and it just felt so much better than it did the year before. I guess it was just meant to be.’

We’ll say!

Producer Chuck overhauled his whole approach to the show after CBS declined the original pilot of The Big Bang Theory.

He went back to the drawing board when it came to orchestrating the main female character, and binned Katie for a more nurturing and caring character, Penny.

‘[It] was just a mess,’ he said of the scrapped original. ‘Not because of the actors, but because we didn’t really understand the characters yet.

‘We had to go through that failure to understand that if a woman was going to be in [Leonard and Sheldon’s] ecosystem, she had to be gentle with them because they were really vulnerable.’

Kaley is now starring as Harley Quinn and her first step into the DC world couldn’t be further from The Big Bang Theory.

The first trailer for the foul-mouthed show landed only yesterday, and sees the character drop F-bomb after F-bomb.

‘This show is completely out of control. Harley Quinn is a blast of a character, and she’s nuts,’ Kaley enthused.


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