Yes, it is tough to believe, but it is no less accurate that it has already been a year since The Big Bang Theory signed off after 12 seasons and more than a decade on the air. Series star, Kaley Cuoco, who played Penny during all of that time, did not let the occasion go unnoticed on social media.

Kaley Cuoco has moved on since the CBS comedy wrapped. She is set to star in HBO Max’s upcoming mystery drama, The Flight Attendant. Regardless, she found time to pay tribute to the show that helped her career thrive. The actress, who was highly emotional as The Big Bang Theory drew to an end, made a poignant post commemorating the anniversary on Instagram. Check it out:

According to Kaley Cuoco’s post, she is still getting questions about The Big Bang Theory. This is a not entirely surprising development, when you consider the magnitude of love for the long-running sitcom. I would suspect that more questions are headed Cuoco’s way as the show’s future continues to look bright since ending its CBS run.

Following a streaming deal reportedly exceeding $1 billion (yes, billion), The Big Bang Theory is heading to HBO Max. So, there’s still a chance for those who might have missed it the first time to catch up with Kaley Cuoco’s Penny and her fellow cast of characters. It is spectacular to contemplate how long The Big Bang Theory might be able to gain new fans.

Kaley Cuoco and her co-stars have landed new projects that will keep them on the screen for a while. But, a year later, a second spinoff has yet to move forward, because creator Chuck Lorre doesn’t just want to “chase money” and work on an idea even if it isn’t right. In the meantime, the Sheldon-centric spinoff, Young Sheldon, continues to hold the torch The Big Bang Theory passed on when it ended.

Despite Lorre’s thoughts that the original pilot was a “mess,” The Big Bang Theory managed to power past that adversity. Kaley Cuoco and company were subsequently blessed with a long-running series that came to a close with a happy ending for Cuoco’s Penny and her husband, Leonard. The couple was expecting their first child when the series wrapped.

If you thought that was big, consider that The Big Bang Theory was not the only series to end the week that it went off the air. Pop culture phenomenon Game of Thrones also came to a close, leading The Big Bang Theory’s showrunner to jokingly compare the series’ finales.

Thankfully for the CBS series, it came to an end far less controversially than Game of Thrones’ divisive exit. Hopefully, that smooth finale has led to the cast remaining close friends a year later, even though Jim Parsons once pondered whether they would or not.

The Big Bang Theory is heading to streaming with its full twelve season run of nerdy friendship ready to go, and fans of the cast have their new projects to look forward to, including Kaley Cuoco’s exciting new series at The Big Bang Theory’s upcoming home. While the show is missed, a year off the air looks good on the sitcom.