Kaley Cuoco’s daughter is crazy about getting kisses from her canine friends.The actress, 37, who welcomed 10-week-old Matilda March 30 with her partner Tom Pelphrey 40 shared a sweet snap as the little one got up close and personal with one of her mother’s beloved dogs.Opal, one of the Flight Attendant star’s four dogs, was gazing at Matilda adoringly as she sniffed her nose.

In another shot, the fur baby rests her head on a pillow as she snuggles up close to the performer’s little girl.She always gets excited when Opal comes to give her kisses Cuoco explained.The Golden Globe nominee was pregnant with Matilda when she was shooting the limited series, Based on a True Story.

The eight episode dark comedy is now streaming on Peacock.Her pregnancy was written into the script to accommodate her growing baby bump.At one point, they had written me a couple of months ahead of what I was and then we had to do a re-shoot,’ she told USA Today.One of our producers and then our show runner was like you need to eat more, we have to match what you were before.

I craved ice. Like, all I wanted was ice, but it made me freezing, so then I would complain about how cold I was because all I did was eat ice, so it was like a weird craving.Kaley is also a self-professed True Crime fan.When I saw this script… this is so something I think all America, or maybe even the world, is obsessed with seeing, like, normal people get stuck in these situations, and there’s such a desperation they do something really crazy.

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