Kaley Cuoco’s dark comedy Based on a True Story is returning for a second season on Peacock.

TVLine reports that the US streaming service made its commitment just this week, following the introduction of real estate agent Ava (played by Cuoco) and her husband Nathan (The Boogeyman’s Chris Messina) just a few months ago.

The first season saw the down-on-their-luck couple capitalising on the current true-crime phenomenon by making a podcast with a real-life serial killer in Los Angeles.

Messina will be particularly buzzed over the show’s renewal, having weighed in on the potential for a sophomore season during his chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I think there’s so much more room to explore […] even more of a Bonnie and Clyde aspect of these characters. That they get so in over their head, but even just drunk with power; drunk with feeling like they’re finally doing something. And again, it’s incredibly stupid and ridiculous and dark. But that would be interesting to explore,” he said.

“But I always kind of wonder how far you can take these characters and how far I would be able to take Nathan into the darkness,” he added.

Reviewing Based on a True Story back in June, Digital Spy highlighted its parallels with Only Murders in the Building while promising something fresh to be enjoyed.

“It helps that the series knows how stupid it is. While it does make some valid points about an industry that’s taking advantage of our interest in the crime genre – the ickiness of monetising tragedy as a pointed example – the show never takes itself overly seriously, and isn’t fazed about leaning heavily into its own outrageousness,” wrote TV editor Laura Jane Turner.

Based on a True Story is available to stream via Peacock in the US.

Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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