Supernatural has featured plenty of Alternate Universes, allowing the show to re-introduce familiar faces or names in an entirely different way, or to bring back beloved deceased characters. The Apocalypse World is one such AU where Mary never struck a deal with Azazel to bring back John Winchester; thus, Sam & Dean are never born. As our favorite heroes don’t exist in this reality, the apocalypse couldn’t be stopped, and this led to the destruction of the earth when the archangels Michael and Lucifer fought.


In the Season 12 finale ‘All Along The Watchtower, the birth of Jack results in a rift to the apocalypse world where Castiel runs into a different version of Bobby who saves him. Later on, the Winchesters are brought to this world by Castiel who are extremely happy to see Bobby alive. But Bobby is clueless about them. He tells them that he only knew a certain John Winchester through the tales told by Mary Campbell. This Bobby is among the last remaining survivors of the AU who are leading the rebellion against Michael. Like his main universe counterpart, AU Bobby shares numerous qualities such as being courageous, knowledgeable, and skilled at combat. But one thing that didn’t change at all is his liking for the Winchesters whom he believed and helped despite all the risks.


The AU brought back more faces than the fans were ready for. Kevin Tran is also among the characters who deserved a better fate, but his association with the Winchesters cost him his life. In Season 13, we come across the apocalypse world Kevin, who like his main universe counterpart is a prophet. Michael enlists his help in deciphering the angel tablet to open up the rift. However, unlike his main universe counterpart, this Kevin Train didn’t find his role as the Prophet stressful, he kind of enjoyed casting the spells.


This Zachariah is much more handsome but at the time as sinister as the main universe Zachariah. Like his counterpart, this angel is also pretty loyal to heaven and to archangel Michael. He wouldn’t mind crossing the limits to please his boss Michael, and cannot afford failure. He also tried influencing a member of TFW but met his demise. While the main universe Zach wears fancy suits, this one prefers combat wear.


We have seen numerous versions of the angel Castiel, from different realities and alternate universes. However, one thing is pretty confirmed Castiel would be an entirely different angel had he not run into the Winchesters. Through his interactions with the boys, he became humane. The Castiel from the apocalypse world stayed loyal to the orders of heaven and he works for the archangel Michael, and he excels at torturing. This Castiel has also chosen Jimmy Novak as his vessel, but his dress and appearance differ significantly from his main universe counterpart.


Charlie Bradbury is one of the most fan-favorite characters on the show. Her demise received a great amount of backlash from the fans who called it cruel and unnecessary. The AU Charlie lost the love of her life which transformed her. She is comparatively more serious unlike the laid-back Charlie from the main universe. However, most of her mannerisms have remained the same. This Charlie also displayed her humorous side. Similarly, she developed a friendship with Sam and Dean who helped her out. However, there were certain differences too such as AU Charlie is a very effective leader, she enjoyed the company of Rowena which main universe Charlie hated. AU Charlie is brought to the main Universe by the Winchesters.


  • In the world of commercialized hunting, John didn’t die and instead built a successful hunting company, raising his sons into this profession. Both Sam and Dean are together, but they are pretty spoiled due to the rich lifestyle they were raised into. When Chuck destroyed their world, Sam & Dean traveled to the main universe where they interacted with Sam and Dean whom we have always known who provided them one more chance at life.
  • In Season 2 Episode 20, a Djinn placed Dream in a dream-like hypnotic state where Dean experienced an alternate reality. He lived in a world where his mother Mary never passed away. In this world, Sam is engaged to Jessica who is also alive while Dean is in a relationship with Carmen. However, Sam and Dean do not share a close bond in this reality.
  • Finally, we have the Alternate Universe which was featured in Season 6 Episode ‘The French Mistake’. This world is devoid of Supernatural beings. Sam and Dean learn that they are actors in this world who are playing the roles of Sam and Dean Winchester in a fictional show.


Season 13 introduced us to the AU Michael who served as the major villain of Seasons 13 & 14. Interestingly, this Michael has defeated Lucifer not once, but twice. After ending Lucifer in his universe, he became the ultimate victor until the Winchesters came crashing there.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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