The Big Bang Theory  star – Kunal Nayyar has shared his thoughts for the Coronavirus

Here is what he shared:

For all the young people taking this lightly. And still exposing yourselves and going out and defying this virus as a media frenzy. Why take this collective responsibility with a frown?

elf isolating is not for “your” personal safety. It’s the sacrifice it takes for our elders. It’s a small gesture to realize that everything does not revolve around you, in fact it should bring you joy, that instead of taking selfies for likes, the universe has given you a real life opportunity to change the world for good, this is your soul’s charity. Enjoy the experience of doing greater good. Nothing can ever awaken you more profoundly, than doing something bigger than yourself… no more excuses… choose love now:) this is our chance to all wake up to all that is connected.

Use your positivity, use your love, use your light, the world needs the warriors of the pure white light, pure calm, pure diligence, pure readiness, the world needs you, and I know that you know, you are worthy.

Where are my soldiers of Light? The world needs you.

Kunal Nayyar

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