Once again, the outstanding Spanish actress chose to share a photo session with her followers in which she showed off detailed shots and a relaxed look.

Úrsula Corberó is one of the most recognized actresses within the Spanish territory as well as in the world. After her leading role in “La casa de papel”, her face is also known in Argentina due to her relationship with Chino Darín.

A few weeks ago, the Spanish model vacationed with Ricardo Darín’s son in New York City. With her batteries recharged, she returned to her work projects and did not hesitate to show them to her followers.

On her Instagram account, “Tokio” collects more than 23.4 million users who follow her and consume all her content. In each post, there are thousands of comments that support her in each project and leave their most spicy comments about her photo productions.

Along with an outstanding photographer friend, Corberó held a very relaxed photo session where she highlighted her best curves. The post made up of five images has already exceeded 618 thousand likes and many more comments.


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Публикация, споделена от Úrsula Corberó ✨ (@ursulolita)

In the first photo, she is shown lying on the floor wearing a transparent bodysuit. With a very natural make up, Úrsula reveals a lot of detail under the soft fabric that dresses her.

Two close-ups are the highlights of the reel. An image of her unmistakable face at a profile angle, and another of her delicate front clad in a white tank top.

Lying on the floor and with her legs leaning against the wall, the best shot of the session. Thus, the actress of “The body on fire” showed her long legs and part of her tail in her underwear.

Netflix is ​​definitely one of the platforms that has worked the most in recent years. Since the Coronavirus pandemic, the list of own productions has increased substantially.

This time, it returns to delight its users with a new thriller that aims to follow the success of “El Hoyo”. According to the details discussed so far, it is a miniseries inspired by real events, the so-called “crime of the Guàrdia Urbana”.

It is about a crime that took place in 2017, when a man appeared burned in a swamp in Barcelona. The investigation of the homicide brought to light a network of toxic relationships, deceit, sexual scandals and violence between various police officers in the area.

Source: losandes.com.ar

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