The Vampire Diaries spin-off Legacies came back for its 3rd season premiere on January 21, though the question that has been on many fans’ lips for years is whether we will see a big favourite.
Legacies spoilers follow.
While Matthew Davis has jumped over as Alaric Saltzman to the series from the original series, many will be wondering whether his Vampire Diaries colleague Candice King will follow suit as Caroline Forbes.
After all, Josie (Kaylee Bryant) wants to spend some time with Caroline, so could we see her make an appearance at some point?
Asked about the prospect, Legacies executive producer Brett Matthews told TVLine: “Our answer is still the same, and you’re probably sick of hearing it, but the door is always open to Candice.
“We love her and think so highly of her, and we love Caroline Forbes so much. We would be thrilled [to have her back], but it’s really up to her. We’d love to have the challenge of figuring out how Caroline fits into Legacies, be that for an episode or an arc or whatever.”
However, he noted: “But it obviously depends on her schedule and the opportunities she’s pursuing in her career.
“While Legacies is very much a show that’s doing its own thing, it’s built upon the legacies of the other shows — hence the title being what it is — so we’d love that.”
Let’s hope that the way is cleared for an appearance at some point soon.