Legacies features a surprise reference to Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore

Legacies spoilers follow. Legacies’ season 3 is happy to please any fans of The Vampire Diaries, with its latest episode featuring a surprise reference to Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore. After Elena and Damon’s daughter Stefanie was referred to in Legacies’ first season, there have been few call-backs to the Vampire Diaries favourites – until now. … Read more

The CW’s Legacies shared a Promo and several behind the scenes Photos

The CW revealed a new promo and new BTS photos from Legacies’ Season 3, Episode 8, “Long Time, No See,” ahead of its airing on March 25. The Legacies clip opens with Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) waking abruptly from a dream and telling her roommate Cleo (Omono Okojie) that Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) sent her … Read more

Here’s everything that we know about Legacies Season 3 Episode 7

‘Legacies’ season 3 came back with its 6th episode this week, where we witness Landon’s fight against the prison world. Meanwhile, the school is in chaos as Hope and the others try to organize a student tour. But more on that later! First, let us provide you with the details for the upcoming next episode. … Read more

Legacies: Alaric Sends Josie Off To Mystic Falls High School [VIDEO]

The CW has shared a new clip ahead of tonight’s return of Legacies, “To Whom it May Concern.” In the scene, Josie is getting ready for her first day at Mystic Falls High School, and Alaric, like the proud dad he is, has packed her lunch and her bag for her. He proclaims his excitement … Read more

Legacies star Olivia Liang in first Kung Fu reboot Trailer

Legacies’ Olivia Liang is kicking ass and waging a one-woman war in Kung Fu. Olivia Liang more known as Alyssa Chang from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ spin-off  leads the upcoming reboot of the ’70s series Kung Fu, where she portrays a Chinese American woman called Nicky Chen. In a brand new trailer for the show, which is … Read more

The Vampire Diaries star made a surprise cameo in the last episode of Legacies

Legacies spoilers ahead for season 3 episode 3 ‘Salvatore: The Musical’. In the latest season episode 3 titled ‘Salvatore: The Musical’, Caroline’s presence was felt as a struggling Lizzie Saltzman (Jenny Boyd) received a letter from the fan-favourite character. Candice King, who plays Caroline, wasn’t seen on screen, but she did provide a voiceover as … Read more

Kaylee Bryant shares info about taking the role of Elena from The Vampire Diaries in Legacies musical episode

Legacies is about to take a trip down memory lane. In the series’ upcoming episode, “Salvatore: The Musical,” the Salvatore School puts on a musical all about the school’s history. That history includes the story of Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), Stefan and Damon Salvatore (Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder), Caroline Forbes (Candice King), Klaus Mikaelson … Read more

Legacies creator Julie Plec shared a sneak peek of Salvatore!: The Musical [VIDEO]

Legacies creator Julie Plec shared a sneak peek from the show’s long-awaited musical episode, “Salvatore: The Musical!,” that homages both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Plec posted a first look at Season 3, Episode 3 on Instagram with the caption, “More than a year in the making (eff you, Covid), I’m so excited to … Read more

‘The Vampire Diaries characters will comeback in Legacies’ musical with a twist

The Vampire Diaries spin-off Legacies has featured plenty of references to its parent show, but now it’s going to celebrate the franchise in a whole new way: with a musical episode featuring some classic characters. ‘Salvatore: The Musical!’ is Legacies’ second musical episode, telling the story of how the titular school was founded. But just … Read more

Lagacies’ producer has teased details about season 3’s premiere

Legacies spoilers follow for the season 3 premiere episode. Legacies is back on the US TV this January 21 kicking off its 3rd season in typically twisty style, and The Vampire Diaries spin-off has already dropped two major bombshells in its season three premiere episode. First off, Chad (Charles Jazz Terrier) somehow managed to summon … Read more