Leonard Hofstadter, an intelligent physicist, is one of the four main characters who appeared in every episode of the sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory.” Along with Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrappali, Leonard is named after the late legendary TV producer Sheldon Leonard Bershad. Johnny Galecki, the actor who portrays Leonard, was initially offered the role of Sheldon but preferred to play the physicist. For his performance, Galecki was nominated for an Emmy in 2011. Here are some interesting details about Leonard:

His IQ is not revealed in the sitcom, but based on Sheldon’s statement in the pilot episode that they have a combined IQ of 360, Leonard’s IQ is assumed to be 173, making him more intelligent than Albert Einstein.

Leonard is a huge Superman fan, owning DVD and VHS copies of all Superman movies, 2600 Superman comics, and a Superman costume with red high-heeled boots. Sheldon once claimed that Leonard was boring at parties and replaced him with someone else.

Leonard loves gadgets, and his first laptop in the sitcom is a black Dell XPS M1710, which he upgrades to a Dell Adamo XPS in the Season 3 episode “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency.”

Leonard is 5’5″ tall, the same height as Johnny Galecki. Sheldon once teased him for being “short, bespectacled” and noted that he was shorter than 5’6″. Sheldon also joked that Leonard would be considered average height in North Korea.

Leonard has dated eight women, including Penny, Leslie Winkle, and Priya Koothrappali, among others. Sheldon calculated that Penny had dated 193 men.

Leonard’s surname, Hofstadter, is taken from the legendary physicist Robert Hofstadter, who won the Nobel Prize in Nuclear Physics. Like Robert, Leonard is a physicist who dreams of winning the prestigious Nobel Prize.

Leonard wanted to be a rapper like Snoop Dogg when he was younger, but his love for science prevailed.

Leonard’s iPad password is his birthday (0517). He also uses Superman-related passwords for other accounts.

Leonard’s relationship with Penny is the only one in the sitcom that develops slowly and is not set up by someone or a dating website. They don’t sleep together until Season 3, and Leonard proposes to her in Season 5. They get married in Season 10.

In the Season One episode “The Peanut Reaction,” Penny throws Leonard his first birthday party when he turns 28. It is the only episode in the entire series where Leonard celebrates his birthday.

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