In Outlander, love is tested a great deal. Without it, some of our beloved characters would have nothing to fight, die, or travel through time for. If Claire (Caitriona Balfe) hadn’t fallen in love with Jamie (Sam Heughan), she would’ve gone back through the stones, returning to Frank in the 1940s. Outlander would’ve finished before it even started.

Among all the plotting, fighting, and surviving in both the 18th and 20th centuries, there’s always room for romance. With every new issue that hits the best characters of Outlander, their romantic relationships only strengthen. Their love survives even though they’re centuries apart.

9. “The Company We Keep” – Season 5, Episode 4

In Outlander Season 5, Episode 4, Roger (Richard Rankin) deals with the militia while Brianna (Sophie Skelton) handles things at home. She makes sure everyone’s safe if Stephen Bonnet (Ed Speleers) decides to pay a visit. Meanwhile, Claire and Jamie try to meet up with the militia but get preoccupied with caring for Fanny’s (Bronwyn James) baby.

Jamie gets emotional seeing Claire with the baby because he never saw her with Bree. When they get to Roger’s party, Jamie proposes they adopt the baby, so they can finally be parents together. Claire says she loves Jamie even more for suggesting the idea but declines and admits their lives together are perfect.

8. “American The Beautiful” – Season 4, Episode 1

Life in America doesn’t start well, but Claire and Jamie get through it. All the death that’s happened makes Claire fearful she’ll lose Jamie at any moment. Jamie tells her a heartfelt story about how he died after she left him at Culloden, yet still loved her.

He says one of the most romantic things to her, “When my body dies, my soul will still be yours. Nothing is lost Sassenach, only changed.” Then, they share a moment of intense intimacy. Later, the couple celebrates their 24th wedding anniversary. Claire gets emotional, and they share a teary moment together. It’s clear Claire is staying with Jamie for good.

7. “The Doldrums” – Season 3, Episode 9

Previously, Jamie tells Claire they’re mated for life. Still, he vows to take her to the stones if she wants to go back. They focus on rescuing Young Ian (John Bell) and set sail for Jamaica. However, they aren’t the only couple aboard. Fergus (César Domboy) brings Marsali (Lauren Lyle), hoping Jamie will give his blessing for their upcoming marriage. It causes some awkwardness.

Meanwhile, Jamie fears something will make Claire want to return to her time. Despite her return being confusing and frustrating, Claire reassures him it’s never been a question of whether she loves him. With all the bad omens, the couple is fortunate to be together.

6. “The Fiery Cross” – Season 5, Episode 1

A wedding episode is always romantic. One of Brianna and Roger’s best moments is when they get married. Jamie helps Roger get ready, gives him a ring for Bree, and ensures Bree has something old, new, borrowed, and blue. He frets about giving her away even though they don’t know each other well yet. Claire, who made Bree’s dress, comforts him.

The couple’s wedding is touching and makes everyone emotional. When Roger and Bree say their heartfelt vows, Claire and Jamie remember saying their own. The wedding isn’t perfect, but all our beloved characters are happy together.

5. “Uncharted” – Season 3, Episode 11

“Uncharted” is one of the most romantic episodes of Outlander because Claire and Jamie have another epic reunion. Claire survives being stranded on an island near Jamaica to warn Jamie of the trap awaiting him in Jamaica. Thankfully, Father Fogden (Nick Fletcher) saves her, and they connect over their love of their spouses.

Eventually, Claire hightails it back to the beach, where the boat takes off again. She manages to signal to Jamie, and they have their reunion. They share a romantic kiss, and Jamie voices his fears that he’d lost her again. After, they convince the priest to marry Fergus and Marsali in a touching wedding.

4. “Lallybroch” – Season 1, Episode 12

After Claire decides to stay with Jamie in the 1700s, they go to Jamie’s family home, Lallybroch. The laird of Broch Tuarach makes an entrance. Jamie accuses his sister Jenny (Laura Donnelly) of having bastard children and further offends her and her husband Ian (Steven Cree) of mismanagement. It’s a difficult homecoming, but Claire offers support and warns she won’t be like other ladies.

She also gives her husband a talking-to. He’s not his father; the estate is his and Claire’s now. When things settle down, Claire realizes she belongs. Jamie knew all along that she belonged at Lallybroch with him. The couple says “I love you” for the first time. The memory of Frank (Tobias Menzies) fades even more.

3. “A. Malcolm” – Season 3, Episode 6

“A. Malcolm” conjures up many feelings. After five painfully long episodes filled with time jumps on both sides of the stones, Claire and Jamie have their highly anticipated reunion. Their first kiss in 20 years is incredibly romantic. Jamie, who’s been through hell during their time apart, confesses he imagined Claire many times and burned for her.

They catch up and discover they’re the same people they were when they “were one.” They slowly undress each other, just like their first night together, and make love. It’s the sexiest scene of Outlander. Claire promises never to leave Jamie again.

2. “The Devil’s Mark” – Season 1, Episode 11

“The Devil’s Mark” is one of the most emotional episodes of Outlander. Claire and Geillis (Lotte Verbeek) endure a gut-wrenching witch trial that results in Geillis’ one-way ticket to a barbecue. Later, Claire unleashes the truth on Jamie. Then, they arrive at Craigh na Dun instead of Castle Leoch.

If the witch trial is any indication, Jamie will fight and die for Claire. However, the real test of his love comes when he gives Claire the choice to return home. He selflessly wants to give Claire what she truly wants, even if that means giving her up. Unsurprisingly, Claire decides to stay and tells a heartbroken Jamie to take her home to Lallybroch. It’s the first time Claire has chosen Jamie over Frank.

 1.”The Wedding” – Season 1, Episode 7

The most romantic episode of Outlander is Season 1, Episode 7, “The Wedding.” How can an arranged-turned-semi-loving marriage not be romantic? In flashbacks, Dougal convinces Jamie to marry Claire to protect her from Black Jack Randall. Claire fears they barely know each other, but their intimacy quickly builds.

After the wedding, the newlyweds connect by telling stories about their lives late into the night. They consummate their marriage, but Claire feels like a bigamist and adulteress. However, Jamie’s recollection of the day touches her. “It was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day, and suddenly the sun came out,” he said. Suddenly, Claire gives in to Jamie. Love blossoms.


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