Lucifer is a popular American fantasy TV show that is based on the concept of Heaven and Hell from The Bible. It is inspired by the DC character of Lucifer. Fans have come up with an interesting theory that states that Trixie is aware of Lucifer’s true form. Read on to know more details:

Fans of Lucifer speculate season 5 plot
Lucifer features Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of Hell, and son of God, who gets bored of his life in hell and decides to live on Earth. He chooses Los Angeles as his new home. Lucifer is about the concept of Multiverse in the DC comics, meaning, there is only one Lucifer in the entire multiverse. Therefore, he decides to stay on Earth-666 of the multiverse.

On this Earth, he runs a night club called LUX and befriends a police detective played by Lauren German. In the show, Lucifer is immune to human weapons, but for some strange reasons whenever he is around Lauren’s character of Detective Chloe Decker, he is vulnerable. Thus, he befriends her and decides to work with her. Although he is honest about being the Devil no one really trusts him.

Now, a fan on twitter has paved the way for a shared speculation that Detective Chloe Decker’s daughter is actually aware of Lucifer’s true identity. This is because of the fact that Beatrice, who is also known as Trixie, never denies that Lucifer is the devil. Furthermore, in one of the episodes of the show, fans can see a drawing of a devil lying on the fridge. This has led to the speculation that Trixie knows the real identity of Lucifer.

Other characters on the show have found out the true identity of this DC character after years of denying it. They include Detective Chloe Decker and Dr Linda Martin, who is Lucifer’s psychotherapist. They all reacted negatively after finding out his truth, which he never hid from them, but came around later. Fans are eager to see how it goes down between Beatrice and the devil.