La Casa De Papel “Money Heist” Season 4 is ready to return on Netflix!!! Hence, here’s you got everything related to the series including Cast, Release date, plot and other details!!!!

Netflix has confirmed with a short trailer that Season 4 will be back on April 3, 2020. As well we knew that Season one first aired on May 9TH, 2017, while Season two hit the platform on October 16TH, 2017. And now, we’re already counting down until the epic show returns again on our screen.

If you all remember in Season 3 finale ended with Professor thinking that Raquel is dead and we also saw that Nairobi was shot by a sniper. So, we expected that the fourth season will finally move the story forward as the gang completes the Heist.

Although according to the Pina hinted filming had already started during an interview, and it’s confirmed that all are cast members of the series are ready to back like Morte, Lopez, Peros, Keuchkerian and many more for season 4th. On the other side, the show’s stars recently posted photos on Instagram after filming wrapped in August and from their caption it seems they are hinting that season four of the La Casa De Money Heist will be the last season on Netflix.

And fans are excited to know about what will be happening in the next season of the series. But for that, they have to wait for four or five-month. Previously, we revealed that Netflix already launches the short teaser of the series which confirms it’s the release date. So, season one, two or three all are available on streaming network Netflix, respectively.


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