The Big Bang Theory may have been one of the most successful sitcoms of this generation. However, it seems one of the show’s main cast isn’t ready for a revival of the show any time soon.

In a recent interview with Looper, Melissa Rauch, who played a microbiologist and loving wife/mother Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz in the show, discussed her thoughts on returning to the series. Being honest about her feelings, she admitted that if offered the chance to appear on a revival of TBBT now she would likely turn it down.

Her decisive answer may at first seem like disapproval of the show. However, her reasoning for not wanting to participate in a comeback is actually quite the opposite.

Rauch, as well as many others of the main TBBT cast, have often expressed their appreciation and enjoyment for the show they spent 12 years on together. When asked why she wouldn’t hope for a revival soon, she stated that she felt the show ended so perfectly, that going back to it so soon would feel like a discredit to the series.

“At this moment, I’d be like, ‘Ah, no, [“The Big Bang Theory”] ended so perfectly.’ I would never want to tamper with that.”

Although she did reveal that she could imagine a reunion special happening soon, in a similar way to what Friends did in 2021 on HBO.

Another reason for Rauch’s lack of interest in a Big Bang may be her current focus on her own new series Night Court. A revival of the original 80s sitcom of the same name, the series is a continuation of the old show with a new generation.

Rauch plays judge Abby Stone, supported by several other series regulars who preside over the night shift of a Manhattan Criminal Court. John Larroquette is the only cast member to reprise his role from the original show.

So far Night Court has received successful feedback and ratings. Already it has been renewed by NBC for a second season. Not only is this the next step forward in Rauch’s acting career, she and her husband Winston Rauch are both executive producers on the show. And are credited with initiating the idea for the revival to begin with.

Similarly, Rauch considers a revival of the Big Bang as she has done for Night Court. In her opinion, a continuation would work better if it was possibly 30 years down the line, and she was being requested for a comeback similar to how she propositioned Larroquette to return to his show.

So the chance of a revival seems not impossible by any means. At least not according to Rauch. However, we shouldn’t likely expect to see it any time soon. Assuming the other cast members are on board, maybe we’ll get to see TBBT again a few decades from now.


By Damyan Ivanov

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