Based on DC Comic characters, Lucifer follows the titular archangel, played by Tom Ellis as he embarks on his journey of discovering himself on his vacation in Los Angeles after getting bored of Hell. Since the show’s main character is a biblical figure, it is only natural that other divine entities, like God (Dennis Haysbert) or his wife, the Goddess of All Creation (Tricia Helfer), frequently make surprise appearances.

Moreover, fans would love to see Lucifer’s interactions with his siblings in addition to Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) since they are the first dysfunctional family in the cosmos, causing lots of curiosity for fans. Thus, when they all appear, it’s difficult for viewers to choose a favorite.


Even though Raziel does not have much screen time like her siblings, she still leaves a lasting impression on the audience. The female angel initially stood with Michael from the beginning, but she is beginning to feel guilty. She became horrified by the violence Michael had them conduct while serving as his henchwoman.

She subsequently switches to Lucifer’s side during the conflict but is so overcome by Michael’s use of fear that she returns, prompting Amenadiel to tell her quickly and hilariously that “Mom never liked you.”


Only in the final episode of Season 5, when Michael and Lucifer are contending for control of Heaven, does the angel Ibriel (David Anthony Buglione) appear. Actually, not much is known about the character except for his harsh visage and tough guy persona.

Ibriel is one of the first to go into the fight on Michael’s side since he despises humans and thinks they are worthless. Nonetheless, Ibriel is one of the siblings who submit to the new God after witnessing Michael’s defeat and Lucifer’s mercy on him.


Jophiel (Miles Burris), like most archangels on this list, is initially introduced in the show’s Season 5 during the succession tension. Despite his close relationship with Lucifer, Jophiel still chooses to support Michael when choosing one of them to succeed God as the new Sovereign of Heaven.

Jophiel is described as a conventional surfer boy who has been called an idiot by his siblings; one of those times is by Saraqael. His behaviors are somewhat similar to Lucifer’s, and that’s why they get along. Additionally, his reckless actions led to the release of a lion into jail, which indirectly freed Le Mec (Rob Benedict), the French mercenary who killed Dan (Kevin Alejandro).


Gabriel (Kimia Behpoornia) is a sibling of Lucifer and Amenadiel, who is formally known as the Angel of Messages, and more commonly known as the Angel of Gossip. She’s also first introduced to the viewers in Season 5 of the show during the battle of succession. Gabriel gives the impression of assisting Lucifer in his message to the Goddess in her universe, although she was actually working for Michael and retreating the Flaming Sword.

Gabriel may appear effervescent and happy, but she has her own special brand of evil. She never thought Lucifer, of all people, was deserving of atonement or even the opportunity to become God.


Saraqael (Ginifer King), also known as Sara, is an archangel and one of Lucifer and Amenadiel’s siblings. Saraqael, who at first joined Lucifer in his failed rebellion against God, subsequently endured their Father’s “passive-aggressive” wrath, leading her to despise Lucifer.

Saraqael was regarded as one of the pivotal votes to determine whether Lucifer or Michael would succeed God after the latter announced his retirement. Utilizing Sara’s desire, Lucifer attempts to earn her vote in his usual “favor-granting” way but is unsuccessful and loses to Michael. However, after Lucifer defeats his twin brother, Sara is one of the remaining angels to bend the knee and acknowledge him as the new God.


First appeared in Season 4 of the show, Remiel (Vinessa Vidotto) is another angel and a younger sibling of Lucifer and Amenadiel. Remiel is portrayed as a more rigid and by-the-rules angel compared to her siblings. She first comes to Earth after sensing someone born with celestial ancestry and doesn’t bother to hide her wings and powers.

Later, in Season 5, Remiel returns to back Lucifer up in the battle for God’s succession. She volunteered to be Lucifer’s spy in Michael’s rank. However, it costs her life. While Remiel doesn’t have as significant a role as Lucifer or Amenadiel, she plays a significant part in certain episodes, specifically those that delve into angelic hierarchy and the dynamics between celestial beings. Her presence adds an extra layer of tension and conflict to the overall story.


Zadkiel (Joel Rush) is first introduced in the show’s Season 5 during God’s retirement party as one of Lucifer’s siblings. Zadkiel is referred to as the Angel of Righteousness and carries a staff made from a branch from the Tree of Life. Zadkiel joined Michael in his attempt to succeed their Father over Lucifer after God declared his retirement.

However, later on, Zadkiel changed his mind and decided to support Lucifer after realizing that he wanted the throne for romantic reasons to prove his worth to Chloe Decker. Zadkiel joined the others in prostrating to acknowledge Lucifer as the new God after Lucifer defeated Michael in the climactic fight and showed his worthiness as the new Sovereign of Heaven.


Azreal (Charlyne Yi) is the Angel of Death whose blade Lucifer uses to kill Uriel (Michael Imperioli). Azreal was first introduced as Ella’s (Aimee Garcia) human spirit friend she gained after a car accident at eight. However, unlike the traditional interpretation of the character, Azrael is portrayed as a lighthearted and quirky angel who enjoys pop culture and has a playful personality.

Moreover, despite not playing a major part in the general plot of the program, Azrael’s appearances offer a glimpse into the dynamics of Lucifer’s family and lighthearted moments thanks to her witty dialogues. Despite having a small amount of screen time, she is an adored character among fans.


Serves as the antagonist in Season 2, Uriel performed the role of the Welcomer of Souls while serving God as a member of the Heavenly Host. After learning that the Goddess of All Creation, his mother, had escaped Hell and was living on Earth with Lucifer, Uriel stole Azrael’s blade and went to Earth to eradicate his mother so that she wouldn’t pose a danger to God’s position as the Sovereign of Heaven.

Lucifer was compelled to kill Uriel after a struggle broke out to save Chloe and Goddess. Uriel is said to be a stubborn and determined one who would not waver when he set his mind to something.


Michael (also played by Tom Ellis) is Lucifer’s twin brother who serves as Season 5’s primary antagonist. Michael covertly encouraged his twin to commit evil deeds, including the rebellion against God that led to his exile to Hell, after growing resentful of Lucifer’s illustrious name and position as the Lightbringer.

Michael personifies all the characteristics you would anticipate from the Devil that the world made him out to be, serving as the opposite of everything Lucifer stands for. Moreover, while appearing on the show, he coerces Dan into learning the truth about Lucifer and even deviously influences God himself.


Amenadiel is the eldest of all God’s angels and God’s chief enforcer and messenger for most of his existence. Amenadiel, who debuted as Season 1’s unofficial adversary as he was sent down to Earth to bring Lucifer back to Hell, later went on a journey of self-discovery and eventually turned out to be one of Lucifer’s closest allies.

Initially, Amenadiel is portrayed as a strict and rigid angel devoted to carrying out God’s orders. However, as he spends time on Earth and interacts with humans, his perspective on life and begins to change. His story’s arc comes to an end when he succeeds God, which completes the role he was destined to play from the beginning.


Lucifer Morningstar, formerly known as Samael or the Lightbringer, is the protagonist of the show and God’s fallen angel. After a failed uprising against his Father, Lucifer was exiled from Heaven and made to rule over Hell for eons, where he oversaw the torment of damned Human souls.

Throughout the show, Lucifer struggles with his identity and the nature of good and evil. He yearns for redemption and seeks to understand his purpose beyond being the ruler of Hell. As he delves deeper into human emotions and connections, he learns more about empathy, love, and personal growth. In the end, despite not becoming God, Lucifer finds his true calling as Hell’s healer and a happy ending with the love of his life.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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