Lucifer roared back to near the top of the Nielsen U.S. streaming chart after a new season of the show dropped on Netflix, but Clickbait edged it to stay No. 1.

During the week of September 6 to 12, Clickbait collected 1.1 billion total viewing minutes, while Lucifer totaled 1.05 billion. One disparity is the number of episodes. Lucifer, which started out on Fox before having its run extended as a Netflix original, has 93 episodes available to stream. Clickbait, a new Netflix show, has just eight.

A batch of 10 new Lucifer episodes began streaming September 10, which boosted overall views of the show more than 500% over the prior week’s 165 million minutes. The show’s audience is evenly divided in terms of age groups, with roughly the same amount of viewing occurring in the 18-to-34, 35-to-49, and 50-to-64 brackets.

Netflix captured the entire top 10, with notable entries for originals Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror, a five-part docuseries that finished No. 4, and Money Heist, which came in ninth. The first part of the final season of Money Heist debuted in September, driving new demand, with the latter part due later this year.

While the shows were a long way from the top 10, on a separate ranking of original shows, Hulu charted with both Nine Perfect Strangers and Only Murders in the Building. With 346 million viewing minutes, Strangers finished fifth, just ahead of Only Murders, which had 334 million.

Nielsen measures only streaming via a TV set, meaning mobile viewing is not counted. It tracks Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Disney+ and Hulu, reporting the numbers after about a month’s delay, by arrangement with the streaming providers.

Here is the full top 10:

  • Clickbait – 8 episodes, 1.1 billion minutes
  • Lucifer – 93 eps., 1.05B min.
  • Manifest – 42 eps., 831M min.
  • Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror – 5 eps., 691M min.
  • Criminal Minds – 316 eps., 649M min.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – 376 eps., 641M min.
  • Cocomelon – 12 eps., 636M min.
  • NCIS – 353 eps., 546M min.
  • Money Heist – 41 eps., 538M min.
  • Heartland – 215 eps., 498M min.


By Damyan Ivanov

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