LUCIFER fans are still waiting for the series return, and may have uncovered some revealing theories for what’s about to happen to a key character.

The fourth season of Lucifer took Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker’s (Lauren German) romantic tension to new extremes. However, some fans of the Netflix series, originally on Fox, are predicting a grisly ending for the attractive pair.

Season five of Netflix’s Biblical drama is currently delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak forcing TV cast and crew into lockdown.

The latest hiatus for the series is just one entry in a long line of bad news for the series, as the comic book adaptation was first cancelled after three seasons by Fox.

Although Netflix saved the series from cancellation hell, rumours of a highly anticipated sixth season seem to have run their course after a contract dispute with Tom Ellis and Warner Bros Television.

However, the recent bout of unfortunate events behind the scenes hasn’t stopped ‘Lucifans’ from wildly speculating about the potential events of the upcoming fifth season.

Now the fallen angel has reclaimed his rule over the underworld and seemed to confirm Chloe is actually his first love, Lucifer fans and ‘Deckerstar’ shippers alike have been wondering if their fledgling romance will have a happy ending.

Some fans have taken to Reddit to propose Chloe could meet an unfortunate end at some point in season five.

Redditor EfficientEggplant7 suggested: “Chloe is mortal, so one day her soul is to go to Heaven, where she won’t be able to be with Lucifer anymore.

“Of course, she could also go to Hell, and rejoin Lucifer there, but she has to do something really horrible for this to happen, so it’s not an option.”

Dedicated Lucifer fans will know Chloe’s status amongst mortals is unique, as she is the only human able to weaken Lucifer’s supernatural abilities, due to receiving a blessing from Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) before birth.

Despite the fact Chloe’s death in season five has been heavily tipped by fans, this heavenly blessing has convinced viewers their destinies are linked by an unbreakable bond.

While Chloe may find herself trapped in Heaven, unable to see her true love, other Lucifer devotees have come up with an alternative solution to bringing the two new lovebirds together.

Reddit user TheRealDreaK proposed: “I think we’ll find out more about Chloe’s destiny, why she makes Lucifer mortal and why she was put in Lucifer’s path, that Chloe was created to be the Queen of Hell.”