Lucifer Season 6: Everything We Know About Series’ Swan Song

The Devil, they say, is in the details — and we’ve got loads of ’em in this preview of the 6th and final season of Netflix’s Lucifer.

Lucifer was of course cancelled by Fox in May 2018, after three seasons. But a month later, Netflix stepped forth to “rescue” the supernatural-tinged procedural for a fourth season, followed by a fifth. Season 5 famously was to mark the end of the series, but Netflix surprised co-showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich with a request for one more, truly final round. As a result, the Season 5 finale’s original coda got clipped, and the EPs whipped up a 10-episode “love letter” to Lucifans.

“As we started to dig into Season 6, we found new story we wouldn’t have told before,” Henderson told TVLine.”There is a story that we didn’t know we would have to tell until we got to the point we got to [with the Season 5 finale], and once we got there and looked around, we realized that there was an entire engine for an entire season’s worth of storytelling that we’re excited about.

“But it is very much a season of saying goodbye to the show we love,” he added.

What else do we know about Season 6? I’m midway through the 10 screeners and thus haven’t yet read the DNR (Do Not Reveal) list, so my lips are still carefully zipped. But here is a look at everything that has been shared by the cast and EPs. (And as always, you may email to seek more scoop!)


Netflix’s surprise Season 6 order came in June 2020, just as production was wrapping on the back half of Season 5 (which started streaming on May 28, 2021). After a months-long, pandemic-dictated pause, Season 5 was completed and the cast/crew dove straight into Season 6, which will hit Netflix on… Friday, Sept. 10.


Lucifer episodes famously draw their titles from actual snippets of dialogue. So consider that as you skim the 10 episodes on tap:

  • “Nothing Ever Changes Around Here”
  • “Buckets of Baggage”
  • “Yabba Dabbo Do Me”
  • “Pin the Tail on the Daddy”
  • “The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar”
  • “A Lot Dirtier Than That”
  • “My Best Friend’s Wedding”
  • “Save the Devil, Save the World”
  • “Goodbye, Lucifer”
  • “Partners ‘Til the End” (series finale, sniff!)


Brianna Hildebrand, who is perhaps best known to genre fans as the Deadpool movies’ Negasonic Teenage Warhead, will play Rory, a rebellious and angsty angel hoping to follow in Lucifer’s footsteps.

Merrin Dungey (Alias) will play Sonya, a no-nonsense cop who forms an unlikely bond with DB Woodside’s Amenadiel (more on that later).

Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights) will continue his run as Dan’s LAPD detective pal, Carol Corbett.

Oh, and as revealed in the Season 6 teaser, Matt Corboy reprises his role from the pilot, as traffic cop Officer Diggs. In fact, that scene from the teaser is part of the season premiere’s cold open, and it’s more than just a fleeting, fun callback.


On the heels of their unexpected reunion and romantic reconciliation, “a giant journey” awaits Maze and Eve, Lesley-Ann Brandt told TVLine, adding: “There is a character that is introduced that threatens their relationship in a really big way.”

As co-showrunner Joe Henderson told TVLine, “There is a new character in Season 6 that was not going to be a part of Season 5…. A whole new character.”


Having met and counseled no less than the OG God (played by Dennis Haysbert) in Season 5, Dr. Linda grows “a little frustrated with where she’s at” in her career, Rachael Harris told TVLine. “I mean, after you’ve been a therapist to the Devil, everyone else kind of fails in comparison, right? So she is trying to find her purpose in Season 6, and it does come to an interesting, very satisfying end.”


As confirmed by Season 6 promotional photos, Amenadiel’s wish to join the LAPD has come true (with a little help from Dan prior to his tragic death). With Alias alum Merrin Dungey’s character basically acting as his TO, “and given everything that’s happened this past year … with George Floyd and Black Lives Matter, we decided to have a little storyline about that,” DB Woodside told TVLine. “We’re going to talk a little bit about the police and issues that happen within the police department, and how good cops are trying to take on bad cops.”


Dan before he died was in the midst of matchmaking Ella and Detective Carol Corbett (played by Scott Porter). But given her Season 5A track record, you’ll understand if Miss Lopez is iffy. “Ella is very guarded. Her last boyfriend was a serial killer, so in her own words, her picker is a little off,” Aimee Garcia reminds. “But she does trust Dan a lot, and Dan highly recommended Carol, so the only, only reason that she would ever give Carol a shot is because of Dan. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Oh, and Ella also will take notice in the season opener that the Man Upstairs seems to be AWOL at the moment…


Series vet Kevin Alejandro, who played/plays Dan, told TVLine how he had suggested that his character die a meaningful death during Season 5 — back when that was supposed to be the final season! But when Netflix gave the showrunners a sixth season at the last minute, “Joe [Henderson] and Ildy [Modrovich] immediately got on the phone with me, to say, ‘If you still want to be part of us, we know how to do it respectfully and not change the quality of what we’re creating.’”

As co-showrunner Modrovich put it, “We could not do another season without ‘Detective Douche.’ We refuse to. So, yeah, we found a story for him that we just love.”


When last we tuned in, Lucifer had thwarted his twin brother Michael’s bid to claim Dad’s throne, though it took a whirlwind flight to Heaven to save Chloe, and then an unexpected trip back, to do so. But is he ready to be God? “What happens when the dog catches the car?” asks co-showrunner Modrovich. “Like, what happens when Lucifer gets a hold of something that maybe he thought he wanted? He’s always his own worst enemy, so it’s not going to be an easy road. Let’s put it that way.”

Chloe, meanwhile, doesn’t seem in any rush to surrender Amenadiel’s necklace….


For Season 6, cast member DB Woodside directed what says is “unlike any episode that people have seen,” in that “it takes place over one long night, and it’s everyone kind of sitting around, talking.” Meaning, it’s what the biz calls a Bottle Episode. “I feel privileged to have received that episode,” Amenadiel’s portrayer shared, “because I think you’re going to see some of the cast in ways that you haven’t been able to see them before.”


Over the winter, Aimee Garcia shared on social media a series of BTS photos that suggested that many characters, Ella, Maze and Trixie included, were dressed up for some sort of… thing. “There’s a big event that happens in Season 6,” DB Woodside confirmed, “and I think it’s something that’s going to make the fans extremely happy.”

Garcia herself told TVLine that the episode in question features one of her “favorite scenes” ever. “I just saw it and I can say that it is hysterical, and I can say that Season 6 is, in my personal opinion, one of our strongest seasons. It is a total love letter to the fans.”


When the 10th and final episode of the sixth and final season draws to a close, what sort of emotions can Lucifans expect to be going through?

“I think you’re going to be feeling happy and sad at the same,” Rachael Harris offered. “Sad that it’s over, but ultimately very satisfied. And I hope that they’re welled up with tears, because it certainly had me crying.”

DB Woodside seconded that take, saying, “I think people are going to cry… and I think they’re going to be very, very happy. Very happy.”


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Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.