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14. #TeamLucifer (Season 1, Episode 12)

Inside a theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a woman is dead. Her body is placed inside a pentagram and her back is carved with the words, “Hail Lucifer.” Disgusted, Lucifer and Chloe’s investigation takes them into a Satanic cult called The Church of the Dark Prince. Outside, a group of religious zealots protest the woman’s death. In an especially charged moment in the episode, Lucifer confronts one of the protesters, a “preacher” called Williams (Evan Arnold), and it makes the local news. Later, Chloe goes to visit Lucifer at Lux and discovers Williams dead on the ground. She immediately arrests him. Some of the greatest moments in the show are when Lucifer is forced to reckon with what his legacy is on Earth. Because this episode takes place early in the series, Chloe and Lucifer still have an uneasy tension between them and “#TeamLucifer” is a great episode to compare against the relationship in later seasons.

13. All About Eve (Season 4, Episode 4)

At Lux, Eve, the first woman and Lucifer’s old flame, is barefoot in the middle of a dance circle. She’s abandoned her home in Heaven after becoming bored with her marriage with Adam. The arrival of Eve is important for the series as she becomes essential for the show in later seasons. Meanwhile, at Linda’s ultrasound, she discovers the baby she is having with Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is a boy and will be the first nephilim ever.

12. It Never Ends Well for the Chicken (Season 5, Episode 4)

On game night, Lucifer tells Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) a story. The scenes quickly changes to 1946 and Lucifer is the protagonist of his own film noir with Lilith (Lesley-Ann Brandt), the mother of all demons, at the center of it. Lilith is a nightclub singer and shines bright against the foggy, underground life. Lucifer and a private eye named Jack (played by Lauren German), are recruited by Lilith to find her missing ring. As the mother of all demons, Lilith is the root of all of Maze’s mommy issues so it’s great to have an episode that digs deep into her backstory. At the end of the story, Trixie retells it to Maze. Maze then goes to look for Lilith and confront her for abandoning her. Now old, Lilith doesn’t give Maze the answer that she is looking for. This confrontation later shows to be pivotal to Maze’s arc for the rest of the season. Besides this, “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken” is a heavily stylized, black and white episode that offers a new visual twist to the world of Lucifer that audiences had not seen before. This episode showed that the series was not afraid to take chances and be bolder than ever going forward.

11. Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)

Let’s take it back to where it all started. The pilot episode of the series hooks the audience in immediately, introducing the major players by jumping straight into the action. In LA, Maze and Lucifer are enjoying their best life every night at Lux, placing pleasure above all. Amenadiel arrives to tell Lucifer that the fun is over and he must go back to Hell to rule over his domain. However, things turn for the worse when Delilah (Annalyne McCord), a singer that Lucifer helped establish, is murdered. When the LAPD arrive to investigate, he meets Chloe Decker and becomes immediately fascinated by her.

10. Save Lucifer (Season 4, Episode 9)

Lucifer’s hand is disfigured after he discovers an “epiphany.” Slowly, he is beginning to transform into his “devil form” and while on a murder case, reveals this to Chloe. The two try to crack their case while dealing with this new problem. They plan a masquerade party to try to capture the murderer, but Lucifer’s transformation is quickly advancing. His eyes turn red and soon after, his entire face goes into his devil form. Before long his entire body is transformed, red wings and all. Chloe attempts to stay strong and reassures him that she is not going anywhere. Lucifer admits to Chloe that while he can’t forgive himself for his past, he wants to. This revelation is what was needed and his devil appearance vanishes, reverting back to his human self.

9. Deceptive Little Parasite (Season 2, Episode 15)

It’s always a treat to have episodes that unlock “moments of discovery,” especially those that revolve around Lucifer. The episode starts with Lucifer discovering that Azrael’s Flaming Sword is the only way he can get himself, Amenadiel and his mother, the Goddess of all creation (Tricia Helfer) back to Heaven. In order to ignite it, however, he needs to be in total control of his emotions. While investigating the death of an elementary school administrator, Lucifer is introduced to a school that claims they can help students learn to control their emotions. Seeing this as a potential solution to his Flaming Sword problem, Lucifer takes Trixie to class, hoping he can glean some knowledge for himself. While the hi-jinks start at the surface level, later in the episode, Lucifer makes a breakthrough in his self-healing journey. With the help of Linda, he realizes he has been suppressing all of the pain and heartbreak in relation to his mother and Chloe.

8. Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam (Season 5, Episode 9)

Lucifer is playing the piano and singing one night when God (Dennis Haysbert) decides to pay him a visit. The two have an argument, and the next day at work, God shows up to observe what his son’s job is like. From there, things get much more musically inclined. What makes “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam” stand apart is just how ridiculous and amusing it is. Where else are you going to get the devil, LAPD, and a bunch of high school students to dance to “Another One Bites the Dust” at a murder scene?

7. A Chance at a Happy Ending (Season 5, Episode 16)

The scale and the stakes of this episode are epic in all ways. The fight between Lucifer and his conniving twin brother, Michael, reaches an all time high as the pair finally have a battle to decide who the next ruler of Heaven, the next God, will be. All of the angels are present at the LA Coliseum, the chosen place to make the final decision. When no one steps up to Lucifer’s side, Michael declares himself the new God, but nothing happens. Lucifer and Michael have a one-on-one fight, but soon it becomes a free-for-all, with everyone fighting each other. Chloe is fatally injured by Michael and in his anguish, Lucifer decides to retrieve her from Heaven. In the afterlife, Chloe is enjoying a picnic with her father, finding peace in finally reuniting with him. Suddenly Lucifer comes crashing down into Heaven and gives her Lilith’s immortality ring so she can return. Because he is the devil and banned from Heaven, Lucifer burns up, sacrificing himself for Chloe. She wakes up on Earth and Lucifer suddenly appears as well. His selflessness has made him worthy of being the new God.

6. My Little Monkey (Season 2, Episode 7)

‘My Little Monkey” is a Chloe-centric episode and focuses on the lack of closure she has surrounding the death of her father. As a child, Chloe was an actress who starred in teen movies, but she suddenly quit. Before this episode, not much is known about Chloe’s history, but this episode helps explain the trauma that she carries with her as detective. Chloe’s father, John Decker (Chris Payne Gilbert) was an LAPD officer who was murdered while ordering a sandwich. Now, years later, she find out that the man who was arrested for his murder might be let out of prison. While Chloe tries to process this new information, Lucifer and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) decide to team up to try to get to the truth of John Decker’s murder.

5. Who’s Da New King of Hell? (Season 4, Episode 10)

This episode is one of the more bittersweet and angsty of the show, especially in its last few moments. It has a great balance of action, melodrama, and character growth. Some of the demons from Hell visit Lux to tell Lucifer that he needs to go back to Hell. When he refuses, they become increasingly agitated and kidnap Charlie, and name him the new ruler of Hell. The team bands together to rescue the baby, but not everything goes according to plan. Throughout the series, Lucifer has tried to restrain himself from showing his full devil side to Chloe in order to not scare her away. But when Chloe finds herself in trouble with some demons, Lucifer has no choice and erupts with power. Unlike the previous times where she saw him display his power, Chloe finally processes who Lucifer is and accepts him. They kiss, and while the moment is sweet it does not last. Lucifer finally goes back to Hell to rule over his throne in order to keep the demons in their place so they will not overrun Earth.

4. The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy (Season 2, Episode 18)

The Season 2 finale of Lucifer is one of the first times where the show opens itself up to a wider world, exploring themes that would continue through the end of the series. Charlotte, the human body that Lucifer’s mother has been possessing, cannot handle her energy and is a ticking time bomb. She is beginning to crack, with shards of light erupting from her flesh. She needs Lucifer to ignite the Flaming Sword and help her out of the universe in order to survive. Desperate, she tortures Linda into telling her what Lucifer’s plan is. At the start of the season, Amenadiel loses his powers, but in this episode he regains them and is able to stop time to help transport a badly injured Linda to the hospital. While time is stopped, Lucifer opens a dimensional rift for his mother and throws the Flaming Sword inside, allowing her to create her own destiny and worlds free of God’s interference.

3. Goodbye, Lucifer (Season 6, Episode 9)

Aptly titled, this episode is especially poignant because you can see how much it means to the actors underneath the characters. Because it is in the last season, it feels like a swan song from the cast to not only the audience, but to each other. A vision from the future reveals that Lucifer may be living his last day on Earth. He doesn’t know how or when his disappearance will occur, so the episode is tinged with sadness and uncertainty. He spends the day saying goodbye to all his friends, each in their own personalized way. Upset and in denial, Chloe wants Lucifer to fight back and simply choose not to disappear. After spending the rest of the day with Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), his daughter from the future, he decides to spend the rest of the time he has left with Chloe in a panic room. Chloe reveals that she is pregnant with Rory and the two watch the day turn into the next. Cautiously optimistic, the two emerge from the panic room only to get a phone call that puts them right back at square one.

2. Quintessential Deckerstar (Season 3, Episode 23)

Sensing the tension between the two of them, Lucifer tries to ignore his growing feelings for Chloe and act like they are just friends. Dan and Charlotte are in a happy lull in their relationship, enjoying each other’s company. Amenadiel and Charlotte’s friendship grows even deeper and the two share some deep thoughts with one another. Relationships aside, this episode is extremely character driven and takes care to show how each one has evolved since the start of the season. The end of the episode is a tearjerker and the final scene between Amenadiel and Charlotte is one of the best in the entire series.

1. A Devil of My Word (Season 3, Episode 24)

Everything in the series has been leading up to this point — the moment where Chloe finally finds out who Lucifer really is. Reeling from Charlotte’s death, everyone deals with her absence in different ways. They piece together that Charlotte’s murderer is Pierce aka Cain (Tom Welling), the biblical first murderer, and the team decides to avenge Charlotte. Dan, Chloe, Ella, and Lucifer all work different beats to try to pin Pierce down and bring justice to their fallen friend. Lucifer and Chloe walk into a trap and Pierce’s goons shoot at the pair. For the first time in the series, Lucifer’s pure white wings emerge to cradle Chloe and protect her. The bullets pound into the wings and they bleed bright red with blood. After moving Chloe to a safe spot, Lucifer has his fun with Cain and his men, taking them down with glee. Just as he finishes off Cain, Chloe finds him and for the first time sees his devil face. Shocked, she understands his “jokes” about being the devil were actually true. This episode raises the stakes for the storytelling in the series and leaves the door wide open to what could come next. Filled with jaw dropping moments, it’s the gamechanger of the entire show.

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