Money Heist fans, it’s time to dust off those Dali masks because Berlin just dropped on Netflix and we’ve got you covered on all the details of that explosive ending.

The eight-part prequel follows criminal mastermind Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, as he and his masterful gang head to Paris to try and pull off one of his most ambitious robberies ever. Think tension, shoot outs, action and more!

So, are Berlin and his fellow thieves able to evade capture and steal their fortunes? Buckle up, because here is the ending of Money Heist: Berlin explained.

Roi and Cameron escape
The finale begins with police surrounding Roi and Cameron’s camper van, but, the criminal masterminds set up dummies pretending to be them inside and escape through underground tunnels.

The police soon realise and pursue the pair who hide on the top of a van and after a very close brush with capture, the vehicle is cleared to leave and the pair escape.

They jump off the van as it crosses the border into Spain and say their emotional goodbyes, before Cameron runs back to Roi and they pair kiss.

Bruce saves Keila
After hearing Keila’s condition has stabilised, Bruce – with two police officers handcuffed in the back – drives to the hospital where he finds Keila, grabs some medicine and leaves with her.

Bruce uses the medicine to temporarily knock out the officers who he leaves tied up in a boat and then he and Keila use another speedboat to get away. Here, they also admit their feelings to each other and kiss.

Berlin and Damián escape
But, Keila gets a call from Berlin who is still trapped inside the hotel with Damián.

So, she cuts the cameras inside the building in the nick of time as the police arrive, allowing them to escape disguised as hotel staff. Then, they buy bikes and uniforms from some delivery drivers they come across and leave Paris.

Evading capture, the entire criminal gang soon happily reunite at a secret estate in the Spanish countryside with their jackpot.

Camile tricks Berlin
Meanwhile, Berlin’s lover Camile is reeling from his deception and also learns that her long-term partner, François, has a secret family.

So, with help from her friend, she plots to blackmail Berlin into giving her some of his stolen goods from the jewel heist. Then, five months after his escape, Camila and Berlin at a café in Madrid where she is wearing a wire.

But, she secretly takes off the recording device so she can sleep with Berlin, which he comes to learn so steals her and replaces her tapes.

Surprisingly, he still decides to give her some of the money from the heist and she rides off into the sunset with her friend and newfound fortune. Meanwhile, Berlin and Damián set their sights on another heist.

Um, season two now, please?!


By Damyan Ivanov

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