MONEY HEIST’S second part of its follow-up season can’t come soon enough. During the long wait fans have picked up some rather peculiar plot holes that make obsessive re-watching a bad idea. In particular, one blunder muddies the waters of Moscow’s death from the first season.

The Spanish series was picked up by Netflix after Money Heist became a sensation on its home turf. Viewers are eagerly awaiting the next chunk of eight episodes, but one fan has hit upon a strange error involving Moscow (played by Paco Tous) and Denver (Jaime Lorente).
Money Heist’s first season famously concluded with the perilous heist on the Royal Mint of Spain.

Their meticulous strategy, guided by criminal mastermind the Professor (Álvaro Morte), didn’t go exactly to plan and Moscow was unable to escape with his life.
He is fatally shot by Spanish police, dying in his son’s arms.

It came as a shock to Money Heist fans, who had grown to expect a breezy and engaging crime series and the death came out of left field as a surprisingly emotional gut punch.

However, one fan has stumbled across a strange inconsistency at Monica’s (Esther Acebo) birthday party that lessens the impact of the character’s brutal death scene.

Redditor he-who-eats-bread said: “In season one, Moscow says he will make an album with part of his money, specifically the song ‘Maria, mi vida.’

“He sings part of it with Denver at the planning house.”

Moscow and his son Denver are seen singing an unfinished version of the song before the team’s first heist, but it’s safe to assume the pair didn’t find time to book a recording session before all the action kicks off in the Spanish Mint.

Another Reddit user commented: “There is the possibility this was a pre-recorded song and Denver released it in honor of his father?”

It would make more sense Denver produced the soulful tune after the heist rather than Moscow himself dropping some fire from beyond the grave.

Unfortunately it’s a bit of a leap in logic to assume he had recordings of his father’s singing voice stashed away to make a hasty edit.

One more Redditor added: “Pretty sure that was just a nice honour to Moscow since he died in season two.”
Fans grew very attached to Moscow before his untimely demise so it would be safe to assume most viewers could forget a slight inconsistency in order for the show to pay a respectful tribute.

The Netflix series still has a way to go before the second season wraps up in April.

Let’s just hope fans have forgotten this ghostly plot hole by the time Money Heist reaches its thrilling conclusion.

Money Heist part 4 is released on April 3 on Netflix. 



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