Money Heist is going to have two more seasons?!

WARNING: The following articles contains spoilers from Money Heist season 4. The fourth season of Money Heist was an emotional rollercoaster with a major death and heartbreak. However, the Bank of Spain heist was not resolved and the series ended with a big cliffhanger as Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) entered the bank. Now fans are desperate … Read more

How did Money Heist became Netflix’s biggest global hit

You’ve rewatched The Wire, seen every episode of Friends at least twice and are starting to wonder if this is what it feels like to “complete” Netflix. But wait: there’s a world-changing, cultural juggernaut of a TV show that – while hugely popular – you may well have missed. This week, Money Heist – or, … Read more

Money Heist Season 4 might postpone owing to the Coronavirus outbreak?!

The popular Spanish drama Money Heist or La Casa De Papel is all set for its fourth season. The show became an instant hit from its first season onwards. The fans of the much-awaited series Money Heist were glad as Netflix had previously announced that the fourth season will be out on April 3. The … Read more

‘Money Heist’ Season 4 Official Teaser on Netflix [Video]

We finally have some of the dirty details on Money Heist part 4’s upcoming release, and goodness, we are relieved to report it will be here soon! Money Heist has become one of Netflix’s hottest shows, with a global audience that just can’t get enough. In fact, the series has been so popular, part 3 … Read more

Here is everything you need to know about La Casa de Papel Season 4

Less than 2 weeks left for Money Heist Season 4 to release! As you may already know, it is set to release on April 3rd, this year on Netflix. The trailer for season 4 of Money Heist premiered on the 5th of March. Take your first look at what could be expected from the upcoming … Read more

Look at the latest theories after the new trailer of ‘Money Heist’ part four

We’re so much closer to getting answers about Nairobi (Alba Flores) surviving or not. With less than a month to go before Money Heist part four, Netflix finally gave into our complaints and dropped a trailer on Thursday. While the focus was on Nairobi surviving her sniper wound or not, we also got a peak … Read more

Money Heist: Season 4 Official Trailer on Netflix

There are certain iconic and critically acclaimed shows that everyone has seen, with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad being just two obvious examples. But there’s one incredible show that, for reasons that still astonish me, a lot of people in the US aren’t even aware of. And that show is Money Heist, or La … Read more

‘Money Heist’ – Fans expose huge plot hole

MONEY HEIST’S second part of its follow-up season can’t come soon enough. During the long wait fans have picked up some rather peculiar plot holes that make obsessive re-watching a bad idea. In particular, one blunder muddies the waters of Moscow’s death from the first season. The Spanish series was picked up by Netflix after … Read more

Here is everything you want to know about “La Casa De Papel / Money Heist 4”

Attention! This article contains spoilers for La Casa De Papel / Money Heist 4 Money Heist, a Spanish series based on the biggest heist lead by Alvaro Morte as the professor of 2.4 billion euros. The cast of the 4th season includes professor, Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio, Raquel, Denver, Monica, Tokyo, Helsinki, Palermo, Bogota, Alicia, and … Read more