MONEY HEIST may have finally returned with its highly anticipated fourth season earlier this year, but fans have been busy spotting some glaring plot holes.

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Season four of Netflix’s thrilling crime caper stunned fans with more major deaths, double crossing and plot twists. Unfortunately, fans of Money Heist are also convinced the latest instalment featured its fair share of plot holes and oversights.

The fourth instalment of the Spanish crime series concluded with some major loose ends.

Although Netflix hasn’t confirmed the continuation of the series, comments from Spanish site Marca and the cast of Money Heist seem to indicate the show will soon move ahead with seasons five and six.

Unfortunately, the ongoing coronavirus outbreak has stalled the continuation of TV’s most popular new series, including Money Heist.

This means the fallout from the death of Nairobi (Alba Flores) and the escape of Special Ops Assassin Gandía (José Manuel Poga) in the closing episodes of Part Four may not be resolved for some time.

Additionally, many fans have already levelled several complaints about the latest instalment, primarily regarding Gandía’s unstoppable presence as the season’s primary antagonist.

Several viewers believed the new addition to the series, who was actually stealthily introduced in season one as a Royal Mint hostage, was too powerful for what is normally a relatively grounded heist series.

Fans pointed out how the deadly assassin could have been taken out at several points over the course of Part Four.

Moreover, Gandía was also able to miraculously survive a deftly thrown grenade from Denver (Jaime Lorente) immediately after shooting fan favourite Nairobi in the head.

Money Heist enthusiasts swarmed to Reddit to voice their disappointment with the convoluted fourth part of The Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) convoluted plan.

One fan said: “I was laughing with every Gandía vs. heist team gunfight. He literally stood in the middle of the hallway for almost a minute yet they did not manage to even hurt him ONE bit with any bullet.”

Money Heist has become famous for its tension-filled shoot-outs, but upon introducing Gandía to the series many fans had to suspend their disbelief to new heights when the gigantic assassin wasn’t clipped by a single bullet.

Like the rest of the team, Gandía wears a bright red jumpsuit to blend in with the heist’s crowd of team players and hostages, and wasn’t even wearing a bulletproof vest when he stood in the way of the team’s gunfire.

Another viewer agreed and added: “F** Gandía! How was no one able to put a single bullet inside him?”

Meanwhile, another fan said: “The shootout(s) with him ruined this season for me. It was ridiculous. I can’t take this show seriously anymore… yikes.”

Not only did the quality dip severely according to some Netflix streamers, but the complex and ludicrous plot of the latest episodes were enough for some to tune out for good.

Even though the latest season of Money Heist remained as popular as ever, even surpassing the numbers for hit documentary Tiger King in April, the same might not be said about the forthcoming fifth season.

Finally, one more fan commented: “Gandía’s whole storyline was trash!! No one could shoot him and his neck wounds disappeared and he fought back with his ‘immobilized arm’.”

Despite being severely injured by Denver’s grenade, Gandía kept fighting and is presumed to return in a villainous capacity once more in season five.

Fans are hoping Money Heist will have streamlined its plots and character drama back to the show’s usual high standard by the time production on the Spanish thriller starts again.

Money Heist season 4 is available on Netflix.