Just when it seems like Money Heist can’t shock us anymore it sweeps in again with another crazy plan. And Season 2, Part 4 was no different. Looking for a breakdown of Money Heist Part 4’s ending? Then you’ve come to the right place.

It didn’t take long for The Professor and his team to realize that Lisbon wasn’t really dead, but captured. That meant one thing for this loyal group of criminals: another breakout attempt. Here’s what happened to Lisbon, Nairobi, and The Professor in this latest installment’s final moments.

What Happened to Nairobi? Is Nairobi Dead?

No character has had a harder go of it than Nairobi (Alba Flores). After being shot at the end of Part 3, she almost bled out. But despite the police’s refusal to send in a surgeon and their attempts to interfere with the team’s surgery, Nairobi survived. It was Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) who saved her life. But it didn’t ask for long.

Halfway through Part 4 Colonel Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) gave the head of security for the Bank of Spain free reign. What few people knew was that Gandía (José Manuel Poga) was about as unstable as they come. After locking Tokyo in the Bank’s panic room, he took Nairobi hostage.

It looked like Nairobi was going to escape with her life. The team followed Gandía’s orders closely and even abandoned their other posts to deal with him. But Gandía always planned on double crossing the rebels. Right after he released Nairobi back to her impromptu family, he shot her in the head. To make her death even worse, in Nairobi’s final episode we learned that she planned on having a kid with The Professor (Álvaro Morte). A lot of deaths in this show have hurt, but this one really stings.

What Was The Professor’s Plan for the Government?

After Nairobi’s murder, The Professor stopped caring about preserving bridges. In order to free his love Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) he needed a distraction, and that distraction came at the expense of dumping countless government secrets.

The Professor encouraged Rio (Miguel Herrán) to explain to the camera how he was tortured, buried alive, and made to dig his own grave. That interview was then broadcast to all of Spain. When the media was at a press conference to discuss the shocking accusations, The Professor launched his second missile. While Colonel Prieto (Juan Fernández) was denying everything, The Professor sent all of the reporters a live stream of Rio’s torturer confirming everything that happened. Then it was time for the final missile. In the midst of all of this rage against the government, The Professor broadcasted himself to all of Spain to tell people about Lisbon’s illegal imprisonment.

The Professor’s accusations have destroyed Prieto, Tamaya, and Alicia Sierra’s (Najwa Nimri) careers. But more importantly they’ve caused the world to doubt Spain’s government while creating an internationally-spanning distraction. And that’s what The Professor wanted.

What Happened to Lisbon?

The Paris plan worked. After The Professor’s broadcast, Lisbon was taken from Spanish Intelligence’s custody and put on trial. To the shock of everyone around her, Lisbon cooperated and told the judge in graphic detail about her team’s plan to rob the Bank of Spain. But that was all part of the plan.

Thanks to the help of one of Moscow’s (Paco Tous) old friends, The Professor was able to tunnel into the parking lot where Lisbon was being transported to and from her trial. Once she was secured, a civilian woman who looked like Lisbon took her place and was taken to prison. Meanwhile, the team used Gandía’s rescue from rebels to hide Lisbon’s return. The plan almost went off without a hitch. The key word here is almost.

What Happened to Gandía?

The head of security for the Bank of Spain has caused nothing but trouble. After he was released by Spanish Intelligence and given permission to take any measures necessary, Gandía imprisoned Tokyo and took Nairobi hostage. He promised to keep Nairobi alive as look as the robbers did everything he said. He also lied. After killing Nairobi, Rio threw a grenade at Gandía. And when the security officer fled to the panic room to recover Tokyo was there waiting.

By promising that she would help remove the shrapnel from his body Tokyo incapacitated Gandía. But because his helplessness technically made him a hostage of the robbers, his life was spared by The Professor and his morals. Instead The Professor planned out Gandía’s escape from the rebels, using it as a cover to sneak Lisbon back to the team unnoticed. Annoyingly, Gandía had other plans. At the last minute he attacked his captors instead of running to freedom. By the end of Part 4 Lisbon was rescued and Gandía was knocked unconscious, still at the mercy of our favorite robbers.

What Is Alicia Sierra Planning? What Is She Going to Do with The Professor?

Throughout this entire twisting series there’s only been one person crazy enough to outfox The Professor. And in Part 4 she turned on her employers.
While The Professor was turning all of Spain and the world against the Spanish government, Alicia’s bosses were telling her to take the fall for the government’s misdeeds. But Alicia has never played by the rules. During the press conference where she was supposed to take the blame for Rio’s torture, Nairobi’s death, and a dozen other illegal things, Alicia snapped and told the truth. Admitting that her bosses approved every one of her intense schemes implicated the government in these crimes and officially ended Alicia’s career.

Shortly after her breakdown the authorities issued a warrant for her arrest. But she was too fast for them. Donning a disguise and a pistol, Alicia started to stalk Antoñanzas (Antonio Romero), a Spanish Intelligence officer she suspected was secretly working for The Professor. She was right and her hard work payed off. In Part 4’s final moments Alicia and her gun tracked down The Professor. With a huge vendetta against this man and nothing to lose, the rogue Alicia Sierra is poised to be next season’s biggest threat.

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