Money Heist star Álvaro Morte has recently turned his attention to the big screen, but fans may be wondering, will he ever return to the legendary TV show? Unfortunately, the actor says his days as The Professor are over. Well, for another 10 years at least.

“I love this family, I’ve been with them for years, and I’m deeply in love with all of them. But, I think that I made what I had to make,” Morte tells GamesRadar+ of the show. “I’m very happy with the ending of Money Heist and with the ending of my character in that project.”

Starring Morte as The Professor, AKA the mastermind behind the heist, the Spanish crime drama follows a group of thieves who look to be holding the national mint and a touring school group hostage, but have something much bigger planned. Released in 2017 on the streamer, the highly popular Netflix show ran for five seasons and has since seen multiple spin-offs such as Money Heist: Korea, and Berlin.

Although Morte may be convinced his character’s journey is over, a fully-fledged reunion may be enough to get the actor back on board. “If, maybe in the future, they are coming with the whole band again, like the return of Money Heist within 10 years or something because of something that they create, that would be awesome,” Morte ponders before adding, “But, I don’t know, you can never say no.”

When asked if he would ever make a cameo in Berlin, for example, The Wheel of Time star replies, “I don’t think that I will be part of Berlin. I mean, I repeat, I love them, but in a way I want to kind of protect The Professor, it’s a character that gave me so many beautiful things, a character that I love so much, and I wouldn’t like to make just a cameo.”

Although he may be absent from the Money Heist universe, that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing Morte very soon, as the star’s latest project Immaculate will soon hit theatres, showing the actor in a role like we have never seen before. The movie follows an American nun who moves to Italy to join a convent, only to find out that something sinister and evil is going on inside. Morte plays the complex yet highly problematic Father Sal Tedeschi.

“I’m feeling proud to be the bad guy, I am the hated one, in the movie of course,” the star says of the role, “and I accept it, but it’s so much fun to perform a villain.”


By Damyan Ivanov

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