Actor Tom Ellis started his professional career in 2000 with a one-episode appearance on the short-lived British sitcom Kiss Me Kate. Since then, he’s become a household name with almost sixty credits under his belt. Likely known to most for his lead role as Lucifer Morningstar in the 2016-2021 supernatural fantasy show Lucifer, he shot to widespread acclaim following the series’ popularity among critics and audiences alike. Despite this arguably being one of his most notable performances, one of his first main characters came when he landed a role in the popular British sitcomMiranda alongside Miranda Hart.

But atop two of his most prominent parts following swiftly after one another, Tom has had plenty of experience within the entertainment industry, proving just how versatile he is as an actor. From instantly recognizable TV shows like Merlin and Once Upon A Time to timeless classics like Doctor Who, he’s popped up many times over the years, and it’s always good to see him on screen. But after a two-year hiatus, he’s heading back to TV screens on February 14th when Netflix’s Players releases on the platform. Until then, here are some more of his TV appearances to check out in the meantime.

‘The Fades’ (2011)
Character: Mark Etches

BAFTA award-winning TV series The Fades debuted on BBC Three and BBC HD in the UK in September 2011, later hitting BBC America the following year in January 2012 for its six-episode run. The British supernatural drama follows a young man named Paul (Played by a young Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.s Iain De Caestecker) after he starts having some unnerving apocalyptic dreams.

Mark Etches is a constant presence throughout the show. He’s introduced to viewers in the first episode after bringing a stranger back to his place on a night out, although the evening is cut short when she realizes he’s still living with his separated wife. Mark’s story is explored further as the show progresses, and by the end, audiences get a deeper look into who he truly is.

‘Trial and Retribution’ (1997-2009)
Character: Nick Fisher

Trial and Retribution is a TV show whose series initially began by releasing no more than two episodes at a time. Between 1997 and 2009, the show had accumulated twelve seasons with only forty-four episodes to make up that total. It’s a feature-length police procedural created for ITV as two-part series episodes.

Given the show’s nature of multiple individual cases that don’t interconnect, new faces, aside from the main police cast, were seen in each new episode, aside from the occasional storyline that would continue in the next one. Tom Ellis played Nick Fisher in the two-part 2008 episode entitled “Conviction.” He’s a man with connections to a death that occurred more than a decade ago, and unfortunately for him and his family, the repercussions from that time catch up.

‘EastEnders’ (1985-Present)
Character: Oliver Cousins

Eastenders is one of Britain’s longest-running soap operas. It has been airing on BBC One since the beginning of 1985 and is still going strong today with everything you could want in a show of its kind. What more could one expect from a soap opera with almost forty years of drama, death, and betrayal under its belt?

Tom Ellis appeared on the show for a total of twenty-nine episodes between January and May of 2006. He played a man by the name of Oliver Cousins, Walford’s GP, during his time on the show, leaving after nearly thirty appearances and never returning since. It didn’t end on the happiest note for Oliver, and he left the little English town with a broken heart.

‘The Flash’ (2014-2023)
Character: Lucifer Morningstar

Okay, so maybe this cameo was short and sweet, only lasting a total of roughly two minutes, but it was enough to have fans of both the DCTV Universe abuzz and Lucifer fans feeling exactly the same. However, if anyone was a DC fan with no knowledge of how Lucifer fit into the universe at the time, his appearance was probably very confusing.

In the annual Arrowverse CW crossover event, The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman joined forces in the sixth installment, Crisis On Infinite Earths. Without giving too much away, the highly anticipated yearly tradition saw favored superheroes teaming up to prevent the Anti-Monitor from destroying the universe. But when John Constantine (Matt Ryan) needed some supernatural help to retrieve a soul from Hell, he crossed over to Earth-666 for some charmingly devilish assistance.

‘Rush’ (2014)
Character: Dr. William P. Rush

Rush is a 2014 medical drama from writer and director Jonathan Levine, airing on USA Network for one season in the summer of its release year. Viewers loved the idea of the new show. It was unique and different from generic medical dramas in the sense that its main character, Will Rush, had some rather unorthodox methods when it came to his private practice.

A brilliant doctor in times of life or death situations, Will doesn’t work for a hospital, having been kicked out after operating on a patient while under the influence of drugs. Based in Los Angeles, Rush is gritty, action-packed, and chock-full of potential, leaving viewers curious about its characters and where it might’ve ended up. The show could’ve gone far, but it was sadly canceled after its only season, leaving audiences on a cliffhanger. Ten years later, it’s sadly unlikely to ever be resolved.

‘Merlin’ (2008-2012)
Character: King Cenred

Multi-award-winning British TV series Merlin had a strong run between September 2008 and December 2012. It aired on BBC One for five seasons, concluding on Christmas Eve. The show stars Colin Morgan as the titular character Merlin in a dramatized adaptation of the Arthurian legends, specifically, the Legend of King Arthur. It takes viewers on a journey to the iconic backdrop of Camelot, one of many ventures into the mystical land since its first mention in 12th-century French literature.

Tom Ellis makes an appearance in four episodes throughout the third season. While he’s mentioned multiple times during the first two seasons and in the fourth, his first physical appearance came in the two-part season three opener entitled, “The Tears of Uther Pendragon: Part One” and “Two.” His time on Merlin concluded in the first of a two-part finale called, “The Coming of Arthur: Part One,” which became one of the highest-rated episodes on the show. And while his presence on the show was short compared to its entirety, he left quite a lasting impression.

‘Doctor Who’ (2005-Present)
Character: Thomas Milligan

Chances are, there are few people on the planet who haven’t at least heard of the time-traveling antics that can be found in the extensive Whoniverse. The multi-award-winning TV shows have garnered an extensive fanbase throughout its nearly two-decade run. But the entertainment provided by the multiple Doctors has been around for over sixty years, first appearing on TV screen in 1963. The original release ran for twenty-six seasons, concluding in 1986.

Throughout the show, many famous faces have popped in for a cameo here and there. From the likes of Simon Pegg and James Corden to Andrew Garfield, Kylie Minogue, and Maisie Williams, the show is no stranger to big-name cameos. In the 2007 season three episode, “Last of the Time Lords,” Tom Ellis was the next celebrity to appear, although this was before he was a household name. He portrayed Thomas Mulligan, an NHS pediatrics doctor, and the love interest of Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) in an alternate timeline.

‘Once Upon A Time’ (2011-2018)
Character: Robin Hood

How can a one-episode appearance become so memorable among a TV show’s fanbase? Well, a cameo from Tom Ellis isn’t one people forget very quickly. If he pops up on screen, chances are, he’ll make a memorable appearance, and a season two episode of the fantasy adventure show Once Upon A Time was certainly no exception. But while the Robin Hood character was seen consistently from this point forward, it sadly wasn’t Tom behind the face of Sherwood Forest’s iconic thief.

Due to scheduling conflicts, Tom Ellis waved goodbye to the character after his introduction in “Lacey,” after which Sean Maguire took over the role. But to some fans, he’ll always be the original they wish could’ve seen go all the way. Despite the briefness of his time on the show, his portrayal of Robin Hood was an impressionable one, and the character became a fan favorite despite the actor change.

‘Miranda’ (2009-2015)
Character: Gary Preston

To many Brits, Miranda is a show that’ll stay in their hearts forever. It’s a sitcom based on the life of series star Miranda Hart, having been developed from the actress’s semi-autobiography. She is a character many people will relate to in some way or another. This multi-award-winning show was filmed before a live audience in London throughout its entire six-year run.

Gary Preston is present in all three seasons of Miranda and its Christmas specials. Portrayed by Ellis, he is Miranda’s love interest, first introduced in the “Pilot” as an old friend before asking her out for a drink when he gets off work. Their old friendship quickly sparks into more as the show goes on, and watching their characters grow together throughout the series is brilliant to see.

‘Lucifer’ (2016-2021)
Character: Lucifer Morningstar

Lucifer is one of those shows that comes along every now and then that can get away with just about anything, no matter how random it may be. And yet, it all makes sense, from an absolutely chaotic demon fight to a gutwrenching emotional scene or pulling off an epic prank in the blink of an eye. This beloved series became one of Netflix’s most highly viewed TV shows ever and remains one of its most popular. While its first three seasons aired on Fox, the network canceled the show in 2018. The uproar from fans and their determination prompted Netflix to save it, allowing a chance for answers to that massive season three cliffhanger and a fitting end to an incredible series.

Following on from Miranda’s end the previous year, Tom Ellis returned to screens, this time in a show that would make him even more of a household name. Lucifer’s success propelled him into the hearts of millions with his devilish charm and charisma oozing through TV screens around the world. He was a character who could get away with anything, which made his development throughout the years incredibly entertaining to watch. It’s one of those shows fans can binge-watch repeatedly and never get bored of seeing.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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