Spanish actor Maria Pedraza, best known for her roles in globally hit shows such as ”Money Heist” and ”Elite”, says streaming platforms have made Spanish cinema popular outside and now artistes don’t need to travel to the United States to showcase their work.

At 27, Pedraza is an emerging name in Spanish cinema. She made her debut with filmmaker Esteban Crespo’s ”Amar” in 2014.

”Thanks to streaming platforms, we have been experiencing this change. We have almost started our profession with the platforms, and it is very gratifying to see how people from other countries can appreciate our work so closely, even though it’s made in Spain.

”You feel connected, and also you have the feeling that we don’t have to go to the US in order to be known,” the actor told PTI in an interview. ”Money Heist”, which ran on Netflix for four seasons, was one of the most watched non-English dramas on the streaming service. In the crime caper show, Pedraza played the role of Alison Parker, a character who is held hostage along with many others.

”As an actress, I believe ‘La casa de papel’ has been the right production at the right time for this transformation. It’s been absolutely a before and after event for this kind of landscape,” Pedraza added.

She currently stars in Prime Video movie ”Awareness”, co-starring Carlos Scholz and Pedro Alonso. Scholz said it is quite impressive that the global audience are now looking for distinct stories from the Spanish industry. ”What is happening is incredible, the fact that you as a journalist from India, is already aware of the film and wants to know about the film. This was unthinkable before, it’s a new thing. The platform has globalised productions. So it’s fortunate and hopefully it will last, this new reality,” he added.

”Awareness”, currently available on the streaming platform, follows Ian (Scholz), a rebellious teenager who can manipulate minds with his ability to generate visual illusions. ”He uses this power to survive – running small, indiscreet, scams. When one of his cons goes awry, his abilities publicly spiral out of control and Ian becomes the target of two rival organisations, each seeking to exploit his powers,” according to the official plotline.

Pedraza plays the role of Esther, a confidant of Ian.

The actor said she had a positive feeling about the film when she was approached to play the role. ”When I first got to know about the project, I had the intuition or expectation that it was gonna be a powerful film as the script fascinated me. When I was cast, I didn’t know how it’s going to turn out because it’s out of your reach. The only thing you can give to it is your character and your interpretation of the role. ”After seeing the final film, it’s just impressive. The editing work, the filming, the sound, the whole contribution of many crafts and talents has given a powerful product,” Pedraza said.

”Awareness” is directed by Daniel Benmayor. It also stars Oscar Jaenada and Lela Loren.

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