What the Devil is going on with Lucifer upon his return from Hell?

Netflix unveiled the first official promo for the first eight episodes of the WBTV fantasy procedural’s upcoming season Monday morning. The spot begins with (Lauren German) adjusting to life without the Devil, who returned to Hell at the end of season 4. To handle her heartbreak, she starts teaming up and partying with Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). But to her surprise, Lucifer shows up at a crime scene and she plants a big kiss on him (and passionately kisses him a few more times in the video). But there’s one problem: This might not actually be Lucifer.

As the trailer reveals, Lucifer has a twin brother, Michael, who has a creepy American accent, awful taste in clothes (What is with that brown-beige blazer and turtleneck combo?), and something nasty planned for Lucifer’s life.

“I’m not gonna break Lucifer’s life. I’m gonna take it,” the angel Michael declares.

The promo is almost as twisty as Lucifer’s journey of late. Last summer, Netflix — which saved the drama after Fox canceled it — renewed it for a fifth and final season comprising of 10 episodes. A few later, though, the streamer increased the order to 16, which resulted in it being split in half. But then just last month, Lucifans learned this wouldn’t be the end for the death-defying show because Netflix decided to order a sixth and actually final season.

Watch the trailer below:

Lucifer season 5A launches Aug. 21 on Netflix.


Source: ew.com