Pedro Alonso plays the titular character, reprising his fan-favorite role from ‘Money Heist.’

La casa de papel — globally known as Money Heist — is back with a prequel spin-off, Berlin. The series is set to arrive on Netflix on December 29, 2023. The franchise has just unveiled a new poster for the Berlin-centered spin-off series with a backdrop of Paris, showing the Eiffel Tower in the background. It is safe to say that there is going to be more than just fireworks in the city of love as we approach the new year with Berlin planning a major heist in France. The fan-favorite character plans to steal from one of the biggest auction houses and also has gotten involved with the owner’s wife.

The promotion for the prequel series has surprisingly been limited, given the widespread acclaim the original series got. However, the arrival of a new trailer is imminent — expected to drop next week and that should tide fans over until the end of December, when the series arrives. The TV show meets Andrés de Fonollosa, better known by his alias Berlin, before fans were introduced to him in Money Heist. The character was beautifully played by Pedro Alonso in the parent series.

Joining Alonso as Berlin’s dream team, we have Tristán Ulloa who plays Damian and will essentially take on the role that Berlin did for Professor (Álvaro Morte). The cast also includes Michelle Jenner playing Keila, Begoña Vargas as Cameron, Julio Peña as Roi, Julien Paschal as Polignac, and Joel Sánchez playing Bruce.

‘Money Heist’s Alicia Sierra and Raquel Murillo Will Be Part of the ‘Berlin’ Cast

It is not yet clear how Alicia Sierra and Raquel Murillo will be introduced to the prequel series but there are already theories ahead of the show’s premiere. However, fans will have to wait till the show arrives on Netflix to see the whole picture come together. The franchise, while confirming the return of Najwa Nimri and Itziar Ituño in their respective roles, has not yet disclosed specifics about the plot involving these two police detectives. But given that they are reprising their roles in the previous series, it is anticipated that the storyline will focus on their experiences and challenges in their careers as detectives as they might come face-to-face with Berlin’s crew at some point.

The fans are yet to have a first look at both these familiar faces in the new series. In this spin-off, Berlin’s masterful gang gathers in Paris to plan one of his most ambitious robberies ever — a jackpot of jewels worth $44 million. The teasers released so far feature the same sadistic, romantic, morally ambiguous, and unpredictable Berlin fans loved in Money Heist. However, unlike Money Heist, he’s not going to have a terminal illness and that might uncover a more ruthless version of him.

Berlin will hit Netflix TV screens all over the world on December 29, 2023. Check out the new poster of Berlin below featuring the spin-off’s cast.


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By Ivaylo Angelov

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