Outlander may be on a break, plunging fans into yet another Droughtlander, but there’s always a reason to celebrate the stars and characters of the Starz hit, especially when it comes to Caitriona Balfe‘s Claire Fraser.

Undoubtedly the hero of this time-traversing romance, Claire has made a strong impression over her years onscreen and in the decades prior within the pages of Diana Gabaldon‘s books. With Balfe’s fantastic acting at play, you can’t help but become a fan of and root for Claire as she’s seen onscreen.

Below, we’re breaking down some of the moments she was a hero throughout the show’s run (so far).

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Claire Helps Heal Jamie
Despite being thrust back in time to the 18th century, Claire rises to the occasion when she comes into contact with an injured Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). Letting her nursing instincts take over, the World War II-era healthcare worker helps to fix his dislocated shoulder, bossing the Highlanders around her as she makes sure to provide her patient with the best care possible.

Claire Sings During Her Search
When Jamie is kidnapped, Claire hits the road with Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) in an attempt to find him. In order to capture peoples’ attention and try and find some leads, Claire sings modern tunes while dancing in front of crowds. Her persistence eventually pays off when she learns Jamie’s been taken to Wentworth prison and is awaiting execution. The lengths she goes to in order to save her husband are nothing less than heroic.

Claire Keeps Things Stylish
Despite the restrictive nature of women’s style in the 18th century, Claire doesn’t let that stop her from rocking a revealing red dress to Versailles. Her commitment to the look is proof that you should wear what you want, and we love her for that!

Claire Does the Right Thing (Even When It Hurts)
Goodness knows most wouldn’t be strong enough to leave their love behind, but Claire does just that in the Season 2 finale as the Battle of Culloden approaches. Bidding Jamie farewell in a teary exchange, Claire sets out to travel back to the future through Craigh Na Dun’s standing stones to give her unborn child a chance at life.

Claire Protects Her Family
In the third season finale, Claire must prevent former friend Geillis (Lotte Verbeek) from returning to the future in order to harm her and Jamie’s daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton), as well as prevent the woman from killing her nephew Young Ian (John Bell). This leads Claire to take drastic measures by killing Geillis in a Jamaican cave with a machete. It’s a brutal end to a devious character, but a true triumph for a protective Claire who keeps her family safe in that moment.

Claire Jumps Into Action
During an excursion to the theater, Claire finds herself in an impossible position when someone falls ill and requires immediate surgery. Instead of being deterred by the men around her, Claire performs surgery in front of a whole crowd without Jamie by her side to support her. It’s a truly impressive undertaking we can’t help but commend.

Claire Defends Her Home
After being accused of killing Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds), Claire and her home are attacked, forcing her and Jamie to defend the big house of Fraser’s Ridge. Arming herself with a gun, she doesn’t hesitate to use it when people begin trespassing without due cause. While she and Jamie are eventually captured and taken in, this is a defining heroic moment for the Fraser family matriarch.

Claire Steps on to the Battlefield
When Jamie doesn’t return to camp following a revolutionary battle at Saratoga, Claire takes it upon herself to find him. Noticing him unconscious on the battlefield, she defends her husband against threats by wielding a sword. We approve.

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