Outlander actress Caitríona Balfe has confirmed that the eighth and final season of the time-travel romantic drama will be delayed.

The Writers Guild of America are currently on strike, meaning that no scripting work can be done regardless of where a show or movie is in terms of production. Despite mostly filming in Scotland, Balfe revealed that Outlander is indeed one of the show’s affected by the strike.

“Well, we had a date,” she told Radio Times when asked when filming was due to start. “And now with the writers strike, who knows? So we have to just wait and see.

“That’s obviously a big thing that’s going on at the moment Stateside and that may change things. But you know, it’s too early to start speculating about that.”

Although it’s up in the air now as to when it will happen, Balfe still admits that the thought of the cameras rolling for the final time is a “bittersweet” one.

“It’s been amazing,” she added. “It’s really strange thinking that this time next year or whatever, it’ll be finished and that’ll be it, it’ll be a chapter done in my life. I’m going to definitely struggle with that because it’s been so great. It’ll be sad to say goodbye to it.

“I think, in some ways, I feel like we’ve said as much as we can say with these characters and we’ve sort of brought them to this point in their lives where it feels like it’s the right time to say goodbye to them. I think having season 8 will give us a real opportunity to sort of finish it properly. But at the same time, it’s going be so sad.”

While the strike might mean there’s another ‘Droughtlander’ on the way, the upcoming release of season 7’s first part should help tide fans over.

Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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