Executive producer Matthew B. Roberts opened up on what’s coming up in Outlander’s final season. While Roberts teased a bittersweet ending, producer Maril Davis revealed the series might diverge from Diana Gabaldon’s final book.

On the Official Outlander Podcast, executive producer Matthew B. Roberts delved into discussions about the midseason climax of Outlander, dubbed ‘Turning Points’.

Near the podcast’s conclusion, he offered some tantalising hints about the future for Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in the final instalment.

In the last episode of season seven, Jamie and Claire returned to Scotland after the tumultuous Second Battle of Saratoga. It was satisfying to witness the Frasers finally arriving back on home soil after an eventful season.

However, as Roberts hinted, the duo’s horizon isn’t so rosy as they venture into Season 8.

Roberts went into considerable depth about the midpoint conclusion of Outlander’s seventh season on the Official Outlander Podcast.

Speaking specifically about the last moment featuring Jamie and Claire, Roberts shed light on the creative team’s choice to conclude the season on a positive note.

“The one thing that was mandatory when we were breaking the first half is we have to end on an upbeat,” he explained.

Roberts noted that, traditionally, Outlander seasons have often closed on a sombre tone. However, this time, he aimed to instil a sense of optimism in viewers for what lies ahead.

Nonetheless, near the close of the discussion, Roberts hinted that the characters in Outlander aren’t exactly headed for a happy ending. He observed, “We all know what happens to these two people. They are good people and bad things happen to good people.”

Roberts noted that he wanted fans to have a good moment with Jamie and Claire before the last season.

He also wanted to use the uplifting final scene to tell fans to “hang in there for Droughtlander.” He went on to admit that the timeline for the show’s return remains uncertain.


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Maril Davis, another key executive producer for Outlander, weighed in on the show’s ultimate season. Davis disclosed they’ve had conversations with author Diana Gabaldon concerning the series’ concluding episodes.

But they’re not pressuring her to unveil too many details about the saga’s written conclusion. And that might result in a different ending between the book and the series.

“But once we get back into the room, once we figure out the whole game plan for season eight, we’re going to run it by her and make sure it works with what she’s planning,” Davis explained.

“We just want a satisfying, exciting end to the TV show and obviously that’s going to be different to how she ends the books.”

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